Rainy Monday

Thanks all for the encouragement! So nice to come home and read your comments!!
I left a post on 2 forums and got some great tips for blogging. Thanks!!! Firstly I need to learn about feeds and bloglines so I can keep up to date with other peoples blogs. Also I need some sort of routine that works for me so I can get into the swing of blogging. So I’ll try out having my morning coffee while reading blogs before I toodle off to work. 
Subscribed to bloglines and read up a bit but feel so pooped I might read the rest tomorrow!

Had such a full on day at work! Got lots done though! We got some? Avon stuff given and had to check all the lippies etc, hundred + and try some perfume to keep around at work so all ‘smell well’. LOL right now I am wearing 4 or 5 and I tell you Rainer would call me ‘stinky’ if he were home;p Even I can’t stand smelling myself!
When it comes to perfume I am very picky, I like the ‘real stuff’, preferably modern and fresh. My all time favourite being L’Eau d’Issey by Issay Miyake! And sweet Rainer keeps me in stock of that – bless him!  Even the bottle looks  great. Often I love a bottle but not the perfume!
L’Eau d’Issey

So what’s your favourite perfume? Or do you differ between the seasons?
What perfume type are you? Some fun links- what Aromapersona are you?, which scent suits you? What’s Your Fragrance Personality?

Well I better have a shower now and get this smell off me before Rainer calls from Adelaide. Not that he could notice but I do!


7 responses to “Rainy Monday

  1. I’m sure you’ll get the hang of bloglines, it isn’t too difficult once you’ve put all your URLs in, it basically does the rest!

    LOL at wearing 4 or 5 perfumes at once! I love perfume, my favourite is Tommy Girl. I can’t afford really nice ones but if I could I would probably like something really, really expensive! ROFL 😉

  2. hey made it over here!!
    perfume………well I still have the same perfume my mum brought me nearly 10years ago to wear on my wedding day – Channel No.5………how bad is that!!!……….but when I started having babies I couldn’t stand the smell of perfume it made me feel sick + I have to say I can’t stand woman that spray themselves from head to foot in it………it makes me gag!!……….lol………so here I am perfumeless but I would like to start wearing it again + I do LOVE the smell of Issay Miyake……….its so fresh smelling!!
    how’s the knee?………..already for SENZ this weekend………..rofl !!!

  3. Hi Ilka, love the new look blog, especially how you’ve got your layouts down the side, they look fantastic!

    Good luck with keeping it up, I tend to a once a week up dater lol!

    Perfume? I don’t wear it, I’ve never been fond of the stuff and neither is DH so we are a perfect match lol!

    Hope that Knee is feeling better and have fun at SENZ…THIS weekend lol!

  4. Ilka I am an Ameriage girl, my all time fav. I am also a Tommy Girl and a CK one girl.

  5. Hi Ilka I love J’adore by Christian Dior I think?! Love your new blog and your flickr photo display is a cool idea too!

  6. The thing I love about good perfume is, it makes me feel good. I wear it when I feel like it, going out or even just being home all day by myself. I’m such a no frills/ no make up person and it’s just soooo easy a few squirts all done and I feel yummy!
    I agree though Rach, nothing worse than someone being doused with perfume, usually the cheapo or very heavy floral/exotic type that just is so loud! To me a good perfume is the perfume that say after 30 minutes on you smells even better than the second you put it on, when body chemistry and perfume are the right mix.
    And that never is overpowering either.

  7. I used to be sooooooooo into perfume but the good stuff costs too much for me! I used to be a Tommy Girl and CK Be girl. But now I’m obsessed with my body sprays. Good thing about those is they come in soooooooooo many different scents that I can smell like anything lol. And what I put on depends on my day. My fave is the coconut colada one. Very summery!

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