Something to chuckle about!

Ok this one is for all the slightly overworked people and anyone who needs a good chuckle!
Ok lately my life has been very full on, there are so many dates and deadlines for reports, meetings, quotes, propram planning, Rainer’s traveling schedules…
Anyway finally I sit at cyber crop over at SBO last Friday and yack with the gals. Mention how I dislocated my knee today (like on ER they pulled it back in at AE) and what bad timing… But that no matter what, I was still gonna go to SENZ tomorrow. That I even borrowed a wheelchair just in case…
*coughs* only to be told ‘ But Ilka SENZ is next week’ .. on the 25th.. !
I knew that.. I even told my man this wednesday it was on the 25th!!! And hello.. I am signing the daily dates on at least 10 various documents..
Talk about a brain fart Rolling Eyes
Oh but not enough, of course I had to tell my workmates that it’s tomorrow and 4 of us planned to go.. so naturally I had to have a quick txt /phone session and tell 3 ppl what a silly idiot I am Embarassed

Oh forgot to show you the last entry from the comp, here it is:
Guess what..

Had a busy weekend and spend a lot of time with Rainer. He left for a weeks training to Aidelaide yesterday 😦 I’m already missing him heaps and cannot wait until Friday night!
I have so many left over bits of pp that I decided that the next few LO’s will utilize some of these! Managed to do 1 entry for the cyber crop over at SBO. Using red and orange left overs. Used one of my new Lil Davies Journaling stamp – they are just the cutest! And made a little felt flower and a bird/chickie. Not sure if the whole thing isn’t a bit too cutey cute for my liking;p But hey it’s fun!
Easter Tree

More later, time to get ready for work!
Wishing everyone a great start to the week!


5 responses to “Something to chuckle about!

  1. welcome back to blog land. Love yur layouts. Laughing at your SENZ thingy! Gosh you would have been early. I will keep an eye out for you.

  2. LOL Ilka! Don’t worry, I think we all get confused about dates sometimes, especially when you have a very busy schedule! Mine is crazy and from time to time I have to think extra hard about what day it is!

    Great layouts, too!

  3. Ohhhhhhhhh, I love the double, Ilka! Fantastic! Hang in there while Rainer is gone and I’m sure it will be extra special when he is back 😉

  4. Love that you’re back blogging Ilka, keep it up chick! See you at SENZ!!

  5. LOVE your ‘recipe’ LO Ilka, definately just cute enough!

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