More good news!

Thanks! My knee is.. a bit … outchy.. I simply had a too frantic day at work running around too much. Thankfully I am home now for the rest of the week, ready to recouperate for SENZ THIS

Next month I am teaching some classes at the new local craft shop Craftee Creations!!! Helena is such a vivascious fun woman and asked me last month if I could guest tutor. I was thrilled to bits!!! Then she saw the canvas I did for SBO and decided that a canvas class would be just the thing.  I am so excited to finally teach others apart from the people I usually work with! Dont get me wrong I love teaching them but everything at work takes such a long time to get finished and tons of patience is needed.

Over the last few days I have frantically searched for that small pile of old childhood photos that I possess. Not many and I put them in a ‘safe place’ why on earth am I doing that? whenever I am putting something in a ‘safe place’ it’s so freak’n safe noone can ever find it again, including myself;p I want to get back into doing the No 8 Wired NZ Dares . This fortnight’s challenge is ‘ scrap your own childhood photo’.

Oh I have to tell you about my awesome Mother’s Day. It’s a big thing in Germany, many memories of flowers, selfmade pressies. Not to forget Mon Cheries and After Eight which used to be my Mum’s favourites. So we make it a tradition here too. And boy did Chris blow me away this time!! Had me in tears!!! Being Mum to a teenage boy one knows not to have big expectations, it’s that age where they seem to be so awkward a lot. Not meaning to. And yep Chris and I – we have our little moments…
But I guess having a nice girlfriend sure helps some things along 0.o Apparently they spent some time shopping around on saturday. Yay and what a great job they did! I dont think I ever got that many and thoughtful pressies from my baby.
Look for yourself, here’s my prince:

with a PINK Striped box!

One happy teary-eyed Mum in her new silken robe and her new funky doodle heart ring..

reading the most beautiful Mother’s day card… everything about it made me feel so loved and cherished… Chris is not a scrapper but he even went to Spotlight and bought some products to make me a card and then his words…  What can I say, the floodgates opened, I felt so proud of him and so happy!!! We’ve had some arguments over the last few months  and some talks. Never easy to gauge what a teenager thinks … When I read the card I just knew, he had listened very carefully to what I had said and had been thinking about things and taken things on board in his own special way. I tell ya I simply was on cloud 9!!!
And here it is:

Am I a lucky Mum or what!!!!!
After I mopped up the flood we all went out for a nice cuppa!

Gosh I am so proud of Chris! He’s turning into such a amazing young man!


5 responses to “More good news!

  1. Oh WOW. I have tears in my eyes right now!!! What a sweet guy! I just LOVE that card and how he went and got the stuff to make it, and of course what he wrote in it!
    Man, I hope my boys are like Chris when they are teenagers. You must have been SO proud and happy, Ilka! What an amazing Mother’s Day!

  2. Wow, you are obviously doing an awesome job with your son! And ditto what Hannah said, I hope my boys turn out as well as your son. I am so not looking forward to teenage years. Though as proven by you guys the hard times can be outweighed by the thoughtfulness.

  3. I love that photo of Chris, cant wait to see it scrapped!

  4. Wow that is a proud mummy moment Ilka. Good on Chris. Sometimes they need time to think and process. What a great card and heartfelt journalling. You should be proud.

  5. Awwww, that’s so sweet!
    What a wonderful young man you have Ilka.

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