Gosh Senz seems like a week or more ago! Since coming home Monday eve 9 pm from a special meeting about future changes at work, work seems to have taken over my life;p It was a big meeting , many changes are upcoming, lots of possibilities but also uncertainties in everyone… Since Tuesday understaffed and it’s only Wednesday nite and tomorrow does not look any different. Plus it’s full moon time… everyone (not co-workers) seems especially unsettled and difficult. Friday evening, please roll on fast!!! 

It was wonderful to be with Rainer but he already was away again this week for 2 days – this time in Christchurch. And on Sunday he’ll leave for Tel Aviv for almost 2 weeks:(  We both hate being apart so much and I really hope his company will sort things out soon! I actually dread him going but am trying to put on a brave face as I know he also does not like to go but that without the training in Israel he cannot provide better training for others here and so it’ll make his day to day work here so much easier…And I try to console myself with the prospect that he’ll have a 2 weeks holiday in July and I might take a few days off too! So we can hang out together – I love that!Cant wait!!! He looks so tired and I am worried about my huni!
Scrapwise I am completely behind my schedule. But I managed to finish my sample canvas for the canvas class that I’ll be tutoring in June at Craftee Creations ( local craft shop) . Finally got hold of the papers for it at Senz. I did the last finishing touches in the shop after work today and then forgot to take a photo.. duh! Will try to take a photo of it tomorrow after work and then put it up here.

Hope your week is less hectic and filled with lots of good things!


4 responses to “Hectic…

  1. Wow, Ilka I was tired reading your post. I know what you mean about the full moon, I am such a believer in that. In my last job you could guarantee weird things would happen. Well done on getting the canvas completed. Awwww at your huni having to go away again, but like you said at least you have a few days this week together. Work changes always seem unsettling, but normally work out in the end.

  2. LOL Janine! Yeah I agree it likely will work out all for the best! Just the changes are big some facility will be shut down and 2 more will be opened and clients and staff will be moved around. So my team will be split up and it looks like 1 of us will have to go to somewhere else. Then all programs and timetables will have to be rewritten, renovations as well as new purpose build facility.. So much discussions about what etc.. So all will be very cool in a few months but meantime it’s a lot of prep work and uncertainty.

  3. Like Janine, I feel tired after reading your post! I’m so sorry that you are feeling a bit unsettled and stressed about work … even good changes are still hard to adjust to, especially in those initial stages when nobody knows what is happening!! Totally been there, done that, 100 times over! But I hope things settle down for you soon.

    And I feel for you with Rainer going away – I would be the same if it were Rob. I hate being away from him … not so bad if I am the one going away (because I am so busy at work conferences that it takes my mind off things) but being the one left behind is harder for me. I hope that those 2 weeks just whizz by and your holiday plans get more exciting by the day! (HUGS) to you!

  4. *gulp* about Rainer being gone for so long. I am dreading being away from Hugh for 7 weeks! We are always together and it’s hard being away for a couple days let alone weeks! Sorry you are having so much work stress! Hopefully it gets better and soon. I agree about the full moon. People get grouchy and ‘weird’. Although my daughter seems to revel in it lol. I swear she is ‘special’ 😉

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