Rainy Queen’s Birthday weekend

What a rainy weekend we had – bah!
Luckily there was a spot of sunshine when Chris and Tarryn checked out their canvas in our local Craftee Creations shop.

Checking out their canvas 

Tarryn really liked the canvas idea so we decided to make one together for her to take home. But she wanted to use different papers and had spotted my Free Spirit June kit from Paper Pesto and was in love with it. The pretty papers, cute flowers, buttons and the netting. That girl has good taste! We only added some chip board letters that we covered in paper and ink. Fortunately the kit is ample and I still got lots left to do my own stuff!

Tarryn with her canvas

Here she is proudly with her canvas of their second month anniversary 0.o
So delicate and feminine!
Love Canvas 2

And some detail shots. Sorry I suck at doing them and need more practise!
detail view

details view 2

Rainer is in Hongkong right now – pooped and tired on a long wait for his connecting flight to Tel Aviv. Asleep in the travellors lounge by now I hope. We had a little session on Yahoo MSger and he so surprised me when suddenly there he popped up on a webcam! With the words, ‘thought you might like to see me’. He hadn’t told me anything before he left because he wasn’t sure if it would work! Gosh he simply is the man of my dreams!!! *sniffs* the 15th of June seems soooooooo soooo long away:(

Ok enough moping. Wishing you all a great start to the week tomorrow and thanks for dropping by!


8 responses to “Rainy Queen’s Birthday weekend

  1. oh that is stunning what a great thing for the both of you to do. I have to say I quite like Chris with the shorter hair lol.

  2. So do I Janine! Believe me, but if I say a lot more they’ll be long before we know it;p

  3. Sounds/looks like fun! Great layouts!!!

  4. Oh, that canvas is beautiful!! I wonder if Tarryn has caught the scrapping bug from you?!? She looks really happy with the end result 🙂

    I can see you miss Rainer a lot! But I’m sure June 15 will roll around soon enough. Keep yourself busy with scrapping so you don’t have time to be sad!

  5. Lovely canvas Ilka! How cool is that looking at yourself on a canvas at a shop! WTG!
    Big hugs for you …..Rainer will be back in no time!

  6. The canvas looks fabulous Ilka, i still haven’t had time to delve into my kit yet (sigh).

  7. Wow sounds like a lot of exciting things happening for you recently Ilka….love both the canvas’s…gorgeous!!

    Hope you get through the next two weeks ok with out your man…thankd goodness for instant messanger aye!

    Mine is off up North to start his new job next week until we join him at the end of the month….least he’ll be home in the weekends though!

  8. Oh I feel for you Ilka, my husband travels frequently, and did a month overseas at the end of last year, I cried myself to sleep for the first week……. Take care, keep busy, and before you know it, he’ll be back.

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