Happy dance!!!

Wohooo Rainer is back from Israel!!!*does a happy dance* Gosh I missed him so much!!!

He surprised me at work yesterday and everyone teased me for lighting up like a christmas tree when he walked in. But hey, isn’t it wonderful after 9 years this man of mine still makes me go all gooey inside and I cant help but ‘beam’ like some silly teenager…
It’s not that I am only half a person without him. More that when he’s not around my world is missing all the nuances and shades of his special colours and my world is just the more duller for it. He comes back and his colours mingle with mine and there’s just a lot more colour and vibrancy in my life’s palette. I am so grateful to have found him and consider myself a truely blessed woman.
Oh and here a few of my pressies!

Just adore the colours in this bag.’ It’s so big you can fit in your 12×12″ pages” Rainer told me. He so gets me!

LOL Rainer has a thing for cute stuff and I guess the eternal hope that I might not misplace something that is hooked onto something else;p

After seeing some of his photos I want to go there now too, especially to Old Jaffa. Will post some pics here soon.

Had a great time teaching another canvas class today, everyone was proudly marching home with their canvas. Love seeing that!

Oh and dont forget to check out the Scrap the Teenz blog. People have been sending in real cool layouts. Very inspirational!

Bedroom LO ScraptheTeenz

Well time to cuddle up with my huni! Hope you’re all having a fabulous weekend!


5 responses to “Happy dance!!!

  1. Oh yay you! I love hearing you talking about your relationship with Rainer, so sweet

  2. Awesome awesome awesome that you & Rainer are still so in love!!! I know just what you mean, Rob & I have been married 8 years and still giggle like teenagers and feel all tingly & weird when we see each other after we’ve been apart for more than a day!! SO cool! Love that he got you that bag, and that he said it would fit your 12×12’s. What an awesome guy – he’s a keeper, Ilka!! 😉

  3. Yeah for the return of the loved one! Know what you mean about “adding colour”.

    I am sooo impressed your son made his bed! 😉

  4. cool layout babe! Glad to hear your sweetheart is back making you happy again!

  5. Where are you Ilka????? Hope you enjoyed scrap camp. Yipppep to Rainer being home and pressies.

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