A bit sad…

Thanks for all the aroha and support! Makes me feel better and helps me to come out of my ‘withdrawal’ shell.

Had the day off today but had very sad news from work. A client that we had worked with for a bit last year and who was supposed to come back next week has unexpectedly died… she was only 23… Leaves me a bit shaken… how for granted I take life…
Makes me very thoughtful of how I spend my life and so extremely grateful for the friends and family that share my life. *hugs to everyone*

Time to go to bed and cuddle up next to Rainer.


5 responses to “A bit sad…

  1. News like that certainly makes you reassess things. Sorry to hear about your client. Hugs Ilka. Life is full of those unexpected curve balls but you have some good solid support there and in blog and scrapping land to help you get through these times.

  2. That’s very sad, it’s very hard to accept that this can happen to someone so young.

    Life is unpredictable, and sometimes very unfair.
    Sending you a {{big hug}}

  3. Oh, Ilka, that is so sad 😦
    Only 23. Wow. I’m really sorry to hear this news, big (((HUGS))) my friend. I know times like this are hard and I’m thinking of you lots.

  4. too young! very sad 😦

  5. Sorry to hear that sad news Ilka 😦

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