time – out!

Thanks again for your hugs and support!

Rainer decided I needed some ‘time-out’ and have some fun. So off we went, dropped Chris at MIT and went to Sylvia Park for some serious retail exploration. Gosh that Sylvia Park is HUGE!!! Cannot believe how many shops we strolled through. It was a lot of fun just cruising, no pressure to get any present etc – which is why we usually go mall hopping. Instead meandering, stopping for lattes and some food seated in comfy leather chairs enjoying the sunshine and reading a mag. Bliss!!! Found a couple very cool $2 type shops where I got some cool bling, iron ons and other bits and bobs. Might take a photo tomorrow. In a kitchen shop I spotted the most adorable cookie jar , cake stand and cups. Fabulously whimsical and fun! I so love it but just cannot for the life of me work out where to put these in our tiny kitchen:( Hmm just thinking about them makes me want to run into the kitchen and find space! Thing is Rainer who is not big into kitchen stuff also thought it was adorable… Hmm maybe I’ll sleep over it and if I still feel this urge tomorrow we might have to go back..LOL!
Could not resist swooning over some ethnic type necklaces and a beautiful necklace stand at Origins.  Rainer loved the stand too and bought it for me plus his top pick necklace. Bright red with a thick glass booble!

Rainers presents

I felt the red necklace needed to take some of her friends to her new home – luckily they are rather inexpensive so I could indulge without any regret!


At home the newbies met the oldies, Rainers comment was, by the look of that you need another stand soon. Yes huni I do! Hopefully he reads this..;p


They also had gorgeous wooden carved hands for rings but the black wooden ones were gone. Might have to ring the other shops and see if they still got some… do you read this huni? 0.o
For the first time in weeks I feel like I spent a full day not stressing about work and other issues. And it’s a great feeling.
Let’s hope we all have more of these days! Take care and thanks for stopping by!


7 responses to “time – out!

  1. Ahhhh love days like those Ilka. Love love love that red necklace, and even better you could take some of her friends home.That stand is stunning.

  2. Don’t ya just LOVE Sylvia Park??? Such an awesome mall! And it sounds like retail therapy was JUST what you needed! I love that necklace stand, that rocks!! I want one!! Mine are in a jewellery box and they get tangled up.

  3. Love your stand Ilka, it’s fabulous.

    Sounds like you both had a wonderful relaxing day at Sylvia Park….I must venture over the bridge one day and have a look.

  4. Wow! That stand is fabulous Ilka, as is the necklace!!! Lucky you! Sorry to hear you’ve been having a bit of a crap time! Hugs!

  5. These look like some neat necklaces! Thanks for visiting and commenting on my blog! I replied to your comment on my site. I wanted to send positive thoughts and vibes your way sounds like you have been going thru a lot lately…and sorry to hear about your client…and so young…my thoughts are with you, your clients family/friends.

  6. Some retail therapy 🙂 What a good idea for necklaces!

    I’m a sucker for kitchen stuff too….

  7. Love your new necklace and stand! lol about needing another one already, it does look a little overwhelmed!

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