Be true to yourself

Lot’s of inspirational stuff and challenges happening on the local scrapbooking forums at the moment. Scrapbook Outlet had a Cybercrop last Saturday. Too bad my internet was more down then up so missed most of the fun:(  but some challenge entries are not due until mid/end week. Definetely gonna give them a go. Love the idea of trying out a 6″x12″. Scrapbooking Essentials is running their ‘Ultimate Champion Contest’ some cool action in their gallery.
And last but not least some teasers from me. Finished 1 LO and a canvas from the ‘ Dare to be Different’ Paperpesto kit. Still plenty of materials for more creations.
Some details from my canvas:

Canvas detail 1

canvas detail 2

and this one’s for Chris and it’s very close to my heart. I dont know about you, but when I look back at my youth and earlier adult life I often think how many mistakes I had to make. How much time I had to waste and how much pain I had to go through simply to learn what I consider some big basic truths about life. No idea why noone ever told me about them. Guess my parents philosophy differs a lot from mine. They were more of the “as long as you put your feet under our table mentality”. Anyway all I am concerned about now is that Chris wont have to ‘reinvent’ the entire history of the  wheel for himself the way I had to..

Mini book with hidden journaling:

Be True detail

Hidden Journaling

If you want to see the fullseized version check it out over at the PaperPesto Gallery.
Thanks for looking!


5 responses to “Be true to yourself

  1. Ooh, love those peeks … of to the gallery to check it all out!! Great job, Ilka!

  2. wow that looks good. I can’t wait to see more of this.

  3. Oh you are a tease, love the look of it so far…..

  4. Just looked at your work in the gallery and it’s stunning!

    Those papers are gorgeous…fab layouts Ilka.

  5. Looks great 🙂 Love the hidden journaling.

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