Outchie, outch, I’ve pinched some nerve a few days back and now I cant sit down without being in pain… Not such a prob when I was working as I seem to be on my legs all day long.  But still recouperating from that flu meant I fell dead on the sofa by 6.o0 pm…

I’ve tried stinky heat cream, hot showers, baths… might have to go see the doc next week if it’s not getting better.

 Was a bit sad not being able to go to Puke crop today but could not see how I could possibly sit down for any length of time… So this morning after reading Penny’s latest post on attitude I’ve decided to make the best of it and still enjoy the fact that I’ve got a weekend together with my love. And Rainer bless him helped too. He made arrangements for a nice lunch at our favorite cafe Agave out at Kariotahi beach. I wiggled my way through a yummy lunch – chicken masala? -and then we had a little walk down the beach.

Kariotahi Beach

Loved the smell of the sea and the wind tugging at me, imagining it pulling away all the negative thoughts and cleansing me. I am trying to find a more positive attitude but must say this runny nose and cough still with me , now joined by this sore buttock is rather annoying me;p I know I know complain complain…. I’m working on it!

Maybe getting off this chair and onto the sofa would be a first smart move;p

Hope you all have a wonderful weekend!


9 responses to “Outch

  1. Ouchie alright! Feel better soon Ilka!

  2. Britta und Jörg-Uwe

    Da wünschen wir doch mal gute Besserung aus dem fernen Schleswig.

  3. Ouch, pain and cold together 😦 get better soon! LOVE that photo! It has a beautiful feeling about it!

  4. Ooouch, hope you find some relief soon!

    Cool photo.

  5. Hey Ilka get it checked out (the pinched nerve). Love that picture of you at the beach……

  6. OH, I wonder if it’s a sciatic nerve issue??? I have that problem and then I can barely walk. I was just told that acupuncture is good for it. Otherwise I use Tiger Balm and a wheat pack. I also found that stretching helps slightly. But man it’s a killer! Hope it comes right soon, Ilka!

  7. Oh Ilka, I’m sorry to hear of your pinched nerve!! Sounds awful!! Not being able to sit – you need to sit to SCRAP! And BLOG! You poor thing 😦 Hopefully you’ll find out exactly what it wrong and get some relief from it.

    I LOVE that photo of you on the beach. Very, very cool.

  8. Ouch!
    I hope you can get that one sorted out soon, love that pic of you at the beach….gorgeous!

  9. Owie! Was it sciatica? I had that heaps while pregnant and it’s really uncomfortable. Stretching did help a bit. Sometimes a chiropractor or osteopath can help with stuff like that.

    Funny about that post – it’s an older one that Bloglines somehow recycled but it’s still a good reminder for me. 🙂

    I love the beach too – I always feel better after being on the coast. Conditioned reflex or something resulting from many summer holidays spent there!

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