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First a big thank you and *hugs* for all your sympathy and wishing me well – made me feel good.  I think I feel slightly better today but not sure if it’s only wishful thinking or me getting used to it or it’s actually getting better. Guess the next few days will tell. Looked up the sciatic nerve and sure hope it aint that. But medicated myself with anti- inflammatory anyways. How handy to have arthritis meds in the house;p

Congrats to Christi for being this fortnights Jack me up , such a beautiful LO and to Hannah for being the Guest Jacker- fantastic jacking! Hope I get time to do this Jack. 

Was so happy when I saw I won Rachel’s Cybercrop challenge – the fancy seized one for which I did the 6″x12″ over at SBO.

Here’s a little slideshow of the Birthday Album I made a few weeks ago. I actually wanted it in the sidebar but somehow wordpress does not allow slideshows in sidebar:(

*** drumroll *** Go check out Lee’s blog. She’s  got a neat surprise for all of us when 15 people visit and leave a comment on her blog she’ll design a free LO class! Lee is such a way cool scrapper and fellow contributor of the Scrap the Teenz blog and was this months guest designer at PaperPesto. So lucky us eh! What ya waiting for? 0.o


7 responses to “Slideshow and more

  1. I hope you will do the Jack, Ilka! It’s a fun one 🙂

    I just LOVE your birthday album! Very stylish, and such a great idea. Wanna make one for me? LOL 😉

  2. oh that album is stunning I love those colours and I am with Hannah lol, can you make me one lol/ Checked out Lee’s blog and said hi. I told her you sent me :-). Hmmmm if your back doesn’t improve see the gp.

  3. ouch, back pain is no fun at all Ilka, I do feel sorry for you! Hope it eases soon. Your birthday book is so fun, love those colours and great to see how you have used this months Paper Pesto kit, I thought it was a really beautiful but unusual collection with those darker colours and I have been interested to see the gorgeous creations you have all come up with.

    Hope you find some time and are feeling better soon so you can do this months Jack…

  4. Hi Ilka man there’s nothing worse than backpain, hope you’re feeling better soon. You can take panadol on top of antiflams safely – just in case you didn’t know. Your slide show is very cool! Hey and thanks for the drum roll…you’re awesome…..I’d better start thinking about a class.

  5. Love your album Ilka, you clever wee thing!

    Been for a visit to Lee’s blog.
    I managed to get a PP kit, should be here any day…yayyyy!

    Hope your back feels better soon.

  6. Love your b’day album! Can I join the line for one? lol. Congrats on your win at SBO, I didn’t get to do that challenge but what I saw I am going to ahve to have a go at that size sometime. Have a lovely day!

  7. Oh dear … hope that pain goes away soon! Emugel is good stuff…

    So cool that birthday album. I love the quotes.. especially the one about being the age of your heart.

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