Go with the flow babe

Thanks for your kind comments! My back is feeling much better, just some small twinges now.

Today was a surprise gift to myself. 

Started off a bit disgruntled – had to go to Auckland to see a specialist for a second opinion about the knee story –  all about wether work insurance will pay for a private operation or not… And instead of having the rest of week off I am now relief working – *sighs*  I just cant say NO.

Still I tried be positive on my drive up and the specialist turned out to be a lovely woman who unlike the first specialist answered my questions in detail. I now know the tear in the cartlidge means I got a thing like a little flap hanging loose and that sometimes gets jammed between the cartlidges and causes the knee to ‘lock up’. Why couldn’t the first specialist explain this properly to me??? I dont want to be a genderist but somehow dealing with female doctors is often better..
But the best news is that she said she supports the operation idea!!! So hopefully that means they will pay!!! *crosses fingers and toes*

Sat in the carpark afterwards when it hit me ‘ stupid you, nvm work the next few days… today you are fancy free.. so babe, what you wanna do’? Off I went to the Northshore to check out the new NZ Scrapbook Shop. LOL this is me- the country bumkin who hates driving in Auckland- zooming across the city;p Found it no sweat – GO ME! Seriously stocked up on some much needed * coughs* glitter bazzil and plain cs and ok a few pp’s also;p Found out Trina had a free Fiskars class on at 7 pm, so I enrolled for that. Hopped over to the german bakery – a special treat – loaded up on some ‘proper’ bread- LOL -that is  bread that is made of sourdough with rye and grains in it which actually requires you to chew it;p. Hit Briscoes and found some real groovy floorlamps dirt cheap – $29.95  down from $149.95 – gotta love a bargain. Got 1 for the lounge and another for Chris. All that shopping makes a gal thirsty so I dropped into a McCafe for some much needed Lattes which I leisurely enjoyed while reading the latest Up2Scrap. BLISS!!!

Then off to Trinas class , was fun seeing her and Andrea. Poor Trina had to put up with slowbie me still being very Fiskar’s challenged..LOL She’s such a pro at it and I seriously suck. *note to self* spend a few hours over the weekend playing with your fiskar cutters and photo copy paper until it ‘clicks’. Really enjoyed using the shapeboss – for embossing. I didnt used to be too keen on embossing but lately that seems to have changed. Arrived happily home with my cool Trina creation at 10 pm. Feeling all energized like I had a true ‘day out’. And proud of myself for making it so. Now why dont I do that more often?

Oh yeah and Scrap the Teenz has their new theme out. Scrap your teenz ‘soft side’. Jo and Liannes creations are gorgeous as always.


10 responses to “Go with the flow babe

  1. wow you had a productive day there and loved that you capped it off with a class and the fact you drove to find the new shop and found it. You know your a scrapper when your willing to drive across the city to stock up on supplies and you hate driving.

  2. What a lovely day you gave yourself! And yay for the specialist, she rocks!

  3. I have to say, Ilka, that you day off sounded simply LOVELY!! Especially good news to hear that your op will be paid for, and that your specialist seems to know what she is talking about! I agree, I find female doctors a LOT better than male ones.
    You really deserved that good news and a nice day treating yourself – glad you got it!

  4. wow sounds like a fab day out! Glad to hear your making progress on the knee!

  5. LOL, glad you enjoyed your experience at NZ Scrapbook! Sorry I wasn’t there to see you Wednesday!

  6. Oh I AM glad you might get some help for your knee.

    I checked out the store today – it’s huge! I did the class and only had a limited amount of pocket money to spend so I missed seeing it all…. too tempting! LOL! But I’m definitely going baaaaaaaaack 🙂 🙂

    It’s worth the treck hey?

    Say… whereabouts is the German bakery? We lived in Bad Nauheim for a year (when I was 12) and I occasionally miss the lovely pastries and bread we had there.

  7. What a cool day Ilka! Glad you found a decent specialist. I really want to check out the new store, just need to find some child free time in which to do it properly!! xx kate.

  8. Ilka, sounds like a great day out and so glad that you got to do Trina’s class.

  9. Hey Ilka, sounds like a great day. Must visit the new shop myself! Look after that knee – how painful!! Eghads, I’m sooo behind with my LO’s. Tonight for sure!!

  10. Ilka, was so great to see you and wonderful to hear your day turned out to be sooooo good. Love days like those. Great news about your knee. I’m currently living in knee hell so understand the frustration. Lets hope its free and can happen quickly and painlessly.


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