Thanks to all for your wonderful comments. Much appreciated!
I’ve drawn 3 people for the Pay it Forward, YvetteTracy, Debbie aka scrapgurl,  remember it’s your turn now to PIF someone. That can be online or in ‘real life’. Hope you’ll have some fun with it. And in the spirit of the Rak day I shall rak everyone who pops by this week and leaves a comment. That makes Janine, Ann,  Hannah, Jenny, Kirsten for starters. I’ll email you.

Update on PaperPestos Scrap Pink Day – fun fundraiser for breast cancer.

 The event will be held on Sunday 30th September from 10am -4pm at Atomic Coffee Roasters Cafe in Kingsland. Cost will be $20 for the day. All proceeds will go to the NZ Breast Cancer Research fund. Paper Pesto will be donating all materials for the classes. We will be offering a layout class, card making class and make ‘n takes. There will also be some great prizes and competitions running throughout the day. Several of our Design Team will give their time and support by offering to teach and help us out on the day. We will provide ‘real’ Atomic coffee and some refreshments, but you will need to bring or buy your own lunch. It’s going to be a fun and fantastic day and a chance to raise some money for an important cause. Places will be limited as the space is not huge so please pre-register your interest by emailing . A schedule of events will be posted shortly on our blog.
Doesn’t it sound like a perfect day out in a cosy setting, great free coffee and lots of scrapping fun! I’m so looking forward to catching up with everyone and hope to see you there!
PaperPesto’s September Deluxe kit called Spring Boulevard is on sale now. Such fitting name, the Scenic Route paper – gosh I love their double sided papers! is fresh& colourful and comes with alphas, stickers, cardboard circles and my fav the journaling die cuts, as well as gorgeous flowers, ribbons etc. Well suffice to say I just had to have this kit and ordered mine. OMG and check out the gorgeous creations the super talented Dione Evans did with it here. How lucky my favorite is the one with embroidered flowers and it’s the one that will have the online class.
The Taste of Pesto – Pitter Patter is this months mini kit and is geared towards the Littlies with gorgeous papers from Daisy D’s.

On the home front we had a quiet weekend, poor Rainer was all sniffles and coughs and even stayed home today. Chris is having a bit of a rough time, or more exactly his girlfriend is. Seems she is a bit lost in where she wants to be in life/ school/ relationships etc. but as she is not one to open up well it’s hard on Chris. He’s trying to be supportive, be understanding and give her space. I’m amazed and so proud how mature my boy is but cannot help feel this tugging at my heart when I see him struggling and finding his way through all this. I know he’s ok and we talk about things – gosh I am so relieved he’s so open and honest and sharing with me – but somehow as a Mum you just want to make everything right …  Which of course is not possible. All I can do is be there, listen and support him. But gollygosh I feel so helpless at times…
Time to  snuggle up to Mr Sniffles!


6 responses to “Thanks:)

  1. Oh, poor Chris! And poor Tarryn. I hope she is able to open up and share with him a bit more, it does help the relationship! I do think it’s awesome that you & Chris have the kind of relationship you do. It’s something I hope for my boys – you are an inspiration to me!
    Sorry to hear Rainer is sick, hope he’s feeling better soon and that you don’t get it from him!

  2. Thanks for the RAK Ilka, will email you my address. I can relate to the quiet weekend. :-). Gosh its hard being so young and more so when you have your life in front of you and you don’t know what you want. At least Chris can talk to you about how he is feeling. Heres hoping Tarryn can come through the other side.

  3. Thanks Ilka for the PIF….Sounds like you are being an awesome mum and it is great that Chris feels he can come to you…Wishing them both lots of luck and things work out.

  4. What a lucky girl I am! Thank you. I want to reiterate what Hannah said too…you have done such an awesome job with Chris, to have a teenage son that ‘wants’ to talk with you is wonderful. I love reading your blog and seeing your love for your son and husband expressed so beautifully, I truely admire you!!!

  5. Congrats on maaking the DT team Ilka 🙂

    What a great venue for the Scrap Pink day – we {heart} the Veloce blend of Atomic coffee and get our beans from there.

    Oh Chris… what an awful uniform LOL! And I do feel sorry for him having to go through this relationship stuff – it’s never easy.

  6. Ilka, thank you so much for the gorgeous RAK which I received today. You are SO generous! I am not deserving … but thank you anyway! xox

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