This and that

Wow gals, *hugs* thanks for your wonderful comments! Big thanks Hannah for the cool wee sticky notepad – love it-  it reads ”Chaos, Panic, disorder, my job is done here.”  Rainer found it and just chuckled and said woa that’s you alright, where did ya buy it? Man did he laugh when I told him it was a present;p 

Posted the raks and PIF’s today! Such fun I reckon I’ll do that more often.

Oh the new NZ Scrapbook DT details are up on their blog.  We’ll meet for the first time this Thursday, I am sooooo looking forward to that!

Over the last few days I’ve been trying to tidy up the chaos in my scrap room. Still not done, but woa the table now shows more than a 12″x12″ square of free space;p I reckon I need to reorganize things more and likely??? -*I can hear Rainer laugh* ‘de-clutter’.. oh Horror… I am such a hoarder.. that’ll be hard. But I’ve decided I’ll donate a pile to work, lol that way I still get to play with some of it and it’s not quite such a final good-bye..LOL. Man I am bad!

Stumbled over this ‘organizing your embellishments’ by Jill Hornby. It always looks so easy when others do it. But I’m determined to find a way that works for me.

Thanks for popping by.


5 responses to “This and that

  1. Have fun meeting the rest of the DT. Laughing at teh decluttering and donating a pile to work so its not a final goodbye…..I organise by colour and it works for me.

  2. I’m glad you liked the note pad … I hoped you wouldn’t find it offensive! It just seemed like “you” … in the nicest possible way of course!! … tho after reading about your cluttered scrapping desk and your hoarding tendencies I do think the “chaos” and “disorder” part must be fairly accurate!!! LOL!

    I didn’t know who the other 2 DT members are, just went and checked out the blog. Great to see Andrea on there, and to “meet” Sarah (I have seen her layouts in Up2Scrap). Have fun at your get-together!!

  3. Congrats on your NZ Scrapbook DT position!!
    Hope to catch you there sometime, but I’ll look forward to seeing your work:)
    I’m having a clean out too:( Seems a waste but better than having to find somewhere to store it all! LOL

  4. I’m scared to go through some of my stuff… it’s a bit of an archaeological dig in parts.

  5. Have fun meeting the rest of the DT tommorrow! Lol about organising your stuff and giving some to work so you can still play with it! Thanks for the georgous rak I received today :0 that made me very happy! Thanks for the links to 🙂

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