The Scrap the Teenz Blog fortnightly inspiration was : What cant they live without? Had fun with this one, Chris is such a techno babe, he even studies computers. I had to laugh when I came to take a picture. There he was, surrounded by the 4 essentials of his life. At the computer, beanie off – headphones on,  2 cellphones! – one telecom- it’s black and hard to see  lieing next to the silver vodaphone both within fingers reach. Classic!!!

He cant live without...

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I’m so glad I joined the scrap the teenz blog! Before I accepted I had a chat with Chris about being the regular ‘ published feature’ of my LO’s and asking wether he’d be ok with it. Knowing I might need his co-operation at times and definetly his consent on things. So wonderful the way it’s turned into an unexpected opportunity and has provided us with another avenue for more sharing and talking. You see a teenagers view of the world is quite different from how the world views teenagers and I’ve learned a lot about that. Chris has always taught me a lot about myself and life in general. He’s one of those intriguing people with a strong sense of self.

Oh my even when he was little. I clearly remember picking him up on his second day of school and he had this ‘you are a star-sticker’ on his black&red striped sweatshirt. As any new to school mum I made a big fuss about it asking what it was for etc. Gosh my mouth almost dropped when he answered in his typical dry way: ” I got all the colours in the rainbow right. But I dont need a sticker for that. I know I know all the colours “. He was not overly impressed by this sticker and well that’s never changed throughout his schooling. He’s never been one to run around pleasing his teachers to gain their approval. Certainly made for some interesting moments;p

Ooops better dash work. Have a great day!


8 responses to “Teenagers

  1. Ilka, that layout ROCKS! You are such a star at scrapping teen layouts, and I think it’s awesome that you talk to Chris about your pages so much.

    I was so interested to read about him as a little boy, and how you could see his personality at such a young age. It just reminds me that my own 5-year-old’s little quirks and ways of doing things are so “him” and are worth getting my head around now and learning to accept and understand. I try, but now I will try even harder! Because seeing how great your relationship is with Chris always inspires me to have that with my own boys. There’s something special about a mum and her son(s)!

  2. A boy and his toys are never far from each other. Love that you and Chris have such and open and wonderful relationship as a mum and son.

  3. I absolutely love your teen layout and the angle of the photograph is super cool.! I had a giggle reading about your ds as a little man!

  4. I always find your teen stuff interesting! it gives me hope that my dread of those years is unfounded.

  5. Great layout and lucky you that you get those photo opportunities and chance to talk with your son. My 14yr dd will not let me take any photos of her and I mean that whereas the 17yr son lets me take photos of him and his mates but only because he thinks he’s so awesome.

  6. Love your LO!!! Very cool and think I might have to check out Scrap the Teenz 😀

  7. Well Ilka, that layout rocks – woo hoo … love it … gadgets … they just can’t do without them. LOL

  8. Just love your layouts Ilka…Thanks for my PIF and you might want to check out my blog when you get a chance as there is something interesting that you might like.

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