Living in the here and now

Just read Janine’s blog about special occasions and one sentence just struck me.

Every day you’re alive is a special occasion.

Do I live like it is? Do I pay enough attention to the right now- right here?

To really live more aware in the here and now.

That’s one of my goals, has been for some time now. Reflecting on my day, how often did I think of stuff I have to do later or tomorrow preventing me from being right now? Especially in a situation were the right here and now was actually a pretty perfect moment… Like out in the sunshine with a cup of coffee for morning tea break… and what do I do? Enjoy it for a very short moment and then my head drifts off into all the should and must do’s etc (Dont get me started on the value or lack thereof of must do’s and shoulds- that’s for another post!)….. instead of just feeling the warm sunshine, tasting the coffee and cherishing this perfect moment. It’s often short enough as it is, why do I shorten it even more? Come to think of it, every day has those sometimes tiny sometimes longer perfect moments. And every day I stray away from them far too often instead of staying in them while they last…

Tomorrow I will try to stay in those moments and cherish them for the gifts that they are. I’m sure I’ll catch myself straying but that’s ok, I’m not going to feel bad about that. It takes a lot of practise to learn a new way of being . Instead I’ll be thankful for having made another step towards my goal.

Edited: Life is all about synchronisity. Found this cool post and great bloglink about inner peace on Penny’s blog. And again I got struck by a sentence about letting go.
It simply means approaching life, not antagonistically, but with love.



7 responses to “Living in the here and now

  1. sometimes life gets so busy we forget the here and now. I often find myself straying but my post was a reminder to me about not saving the special stuff. To live in the here and now…..glad my post sparked some good stuff for you to think about.

  2. I soooo agree with you Ilka. I nearly died in a vehicle accident about 5 years ago and I have made every effort since then to appreciate every day as I realised just how fragile life is. Tomorrow marks the 3rd anniversary of my Dad dying, so this is another reminder for me especially as I lost both my Dad and my Grandad only 4 weeks apart. When people complain about getting older or get up tight about their birthdays I always say that to me birthdays are marvellous as they celebrate another year that you have still been here and part of the world. BTW thank you for the lovely RAK that arrived the other day – so many lovely bits and pieces, loved the ribbon and flowers. School holidays are soon so I shall have plenty of time to put them to good use. Take care.

  3. It’s so true – we need to appreciate each day a lot more. It could be our last! But sadly I think everybody is guilty of taking stuff forgranted from time to time. I am going to make more of an effort this morning. As I walk to school with Ethan and then walk home again on my own, I am not going to think about how much work I have to do when I get back. Instead, I will enjoy the beautiful sunshine and listen to the birds singing. I will just enjoy the moment.
    Thanks for the reminder to do this more 🙂

  4. Oh Dear – wise thoughts indeed! I’m one of those ones who gets uptight about birthdays etc! Will try not to, and appreciate life more. Yesterday a man took his car into my son’s work and went to wait outside in the sun for it to be serviced. When they took it back to him, he was dead. Made me think life is too short even if it does seem to fly by.

  5. Oh Lee that’s so sad… Hope your son is ok…

  6. good thoughts Ilka…

  7. First of all… THANK YOU so much for the lovely parcel Ilka! I really appreciate it and I’ve even used some of the flowers already 🙂
    I really love your last post… very thought provoking and have to agree with you about the mind wandering away… might have to work on that one a bit myself! Plus you’ve been tagged… check out my blog 🙂

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