All OK

Hi everyone, Rainer here,

… yes the personal slave got his 1st duty, updating my Sweeties blog 🙂  

Ilka’s surgery went well and she is nearly up and running again, I’m tempted to tie her down so that she will rest her leg. Thanks for the nice suggestions … bell wasn’t enough, now she got a gong 😦   … about the apron .. NO WAY

For now she took over control over the remote control, channel switching till you get dizzy 😉

That’s all for now.  I bet you will hear from my her soonish, I can’t imagine that my love can stay away from her ‘box to the world’ for too long.

Ilka … I love you so much



10 responses to “All OK

  1. Awww thats so sweet Rainer. Ilka pleased to hear surgery went well and your in full control of the remote. Now Rainer about that apron.

  2. Oh, what a sweetheart! Ilka, your man is a keeper! I’m not sure mine would even know HOW to update my blog! LOL.

    Glad to hear the surgery went well and that you are taking charge of the important things (like the TV remote). Sounds like Rainer is a good nurse, you must be in capable hands!

  3. Rainer, thank you so much for letting us know all is OK with Ilka. LOL, a gong? She will have the whole neihbourhood running.
    Look forward to hearing from Ilka soon enough.

  4. Oh thanks for letting us know! I’ve been wondering how it went. Glad she is doing okay – tell her she has to rest or you will apply some restraints…. velvet ones of course 😉 LOL!

  5. Awwww, what a sweetie you have there Ilka!

    Glad to hear your surgery went ok, hope your recovery goes well, get lots of rest.

  6. Hi Ilka and Rainer

    Ilka – I’m pleased to hear your surgery went well. You look after yourself and do plenty of relaxing.

    Rainer – thank you for updating and letting us know how Ilka is doing. If the gong gets too much for you I would like to suggest earplugs.

    Take care both of you.

  7. Ilka take care ..Big hugs and wish I could help.
    Rainer you are a honey…
    Yep hes a keep Ilka but we already knew that on blogland!!!

  8. Britta und Jörg-Uwe

    dann wünschen wir ihr gute besserung
    die drei schleswiger

  9. Wow Ilka, he definately is a keeper!!
    So glad the op went well. Make sure you rest up and get back on your feet as soon as possible :o)

  10. Ok, so this is really late, but I just had to comment on your wonderful man. Very cool.


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