Tagged and thankful

I’ve been tagged by Shell. Here’s how it works:
1. Players must list one fact, word, or tidbit that is somehow relevant to their life for each letter of their first or middle name.
2. When you are tagged you need to write your own post containing your first or middle name game facts, word, or tidbit.
3. At the end of your post choose one person for each letter of your name to tag.
4. Don’t forget to leave a comment telling them that they have been tagged, and to read your blog.
5. If I’ve tagged YOU (see below), please join in on the fun!

I – Imagination, Ideas, Inspiration
lol my parents used to tell stories about my’ vivid’ imagination and ideas. But then it’s that too that made me chose to live on the other side of the world – best thing I ever did!

L – Live, love, laugh & learn
is a motto in my life. I love sharing my life with my family and friends, have learned that laughter is a great way to deal with things and that mistakes are ok as they provide learning opportunities.

K – Kindness
to be kind to yourself and others is a key value for me.

A – Art
I’ve come to realize that there are many different forms of art. Art with a big A and art with a small a. I enjoy them all, some I understand better others are alien but all enrich my life.
I’m tagging Lee, Jo , Kirstin and Penny. So if you want play along…

Oh and check out Lee’s blog! Remember she promised a free class? Well it’s very cool and it’s on her blog now!
And for people who have not visited Janines blog., she had a great link to another cool new blog with a freebie class here >> Kelly Rotherham’s new blog.

Earlier this week the Cherry Arte price I won in a NZDares draw arrived! I thought I might get 1 paperline and maybe a rub on but when I opened the box I was totally blown away!!! I got all 3 new paperlines plus all the coordinating rub ons and cardboard embellies!!! I just could not believe it, how lucky am I??!  So thanks again NZDare gals, you’re doing such a fab job!!!

Cherry Arte Stash

I might be out of action for a few days, gonna have my little knee operation tomorrow. It’s only keyhole surgery and Rainer will drive me home afterwards. Have to bed rest for a few days so Rainer can double as my personal slave O.0 Poor man LOL! Then 2 weeks off work. That’s actually the best part of it, and of course removing the flapping cartlidge will hopefully stop the locking up of my knee too.
Hmm I’ve felt a bit pre-occupied the last few days and am so ready now to have this OP over and done with!

Thanks for looking and have a wonderful weekend!
Cherry Arte


6 responses to “Tagged and thankful

  1. Wow so much going on. Love that banner. Wow weeeee at all that scenic route stuff thats an amazing prize pack!! Loved reading your tag that was fun and I loved learning more about you and I agree about the kindness. Good luck with surgery make sure you take it easy when you come out.

  2. Far out, that is an amazing prize pack!!! WOOHOO!! I’m sure you’ll have a blast scrapping with all those goodies.

    All the very best for your surgery, I’ll be thinking of you and praying that everything goes smoothly and that your recovery is quick and painless. ((HUGS))

  3. Thanks for playing along with the tagging 🙂 I LOVE your prize pack… you’re going to have so much fun with it… and with 2 weeks off work you’ll have heaps of time to be creative! Poor Rainer… I’m sure he’ll cope. Has he given you a little bell to ring??? LOL Good luck with the surgery and all the best for a speedy recovery!

  4. Wow! What an awesome prize.

    All the best with the surgery. {heart} I do so hope it goes well and works!

    Oh yes – you do need a bell to ring for Rainer with. More coffee please!

  5. All the best for your sugery!!! I agree with the bell too, and I think Rainer should wear a little apron and a white cap.

    Wowser, that prize pack is wonderful! I bet you will have a ton of fun with that while on 2 weeks sick leave.

  6. Hi Ilka,
    …it’s so nice to read about our name! *yeah*
    Thanks for your comment on my blog…:o))
    We should swap anything…I would like to do it…

    Take care!

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