Scrap Pink!

Wow what a fun weekend I had! Saturday Scrap pink day in Pukekohe was fabulous even though I was a bit tired and in pain. The night before I must have battled imaginary monsters in my dreams and my sore knee made me wake up a lot . Gosh I must be getting old lol but 4 hours of sleep a night are so not enough for me anymore! I’m just glad I could go at all and with Puke being so close to home I knew I could get back home asap if I needed to.
We all got a little paper pack to make cards and it was amazing to see all the cards together, so different, just amazing!
A big thank you to Nic and everyone who helped organize this event! Oh yeah and for the yummy baking too! Silly me forgot how much we raised for the Breast Cancer Foundation but I think we did pretty well!

Then Sunday off to Paperpesto’s Scrap Pink event. Rainer drove me -isn’t he just the most supportive wonderful man! Unfortunately missed Kelly’s class – it looked very cool -because we had to drop off the kids on the way. Had a lot of fun catching up and finally meeting Hannah was just wonderful! Enjoyed Ann’s card class and Hannah’s cute photo frame make’n take too. You can see the classes on the PaperPesto Blog.

Loved the venue , the devine coffee – thanks Dave! and the good company!
It was such a fun event and $570 was raised for the Breast Cancer Foundation!

Thanks to Ann:) I even have a picture of me teaching my matchbox book make’n take.

Oh and check out these super cute and I tell ya also super yummy cupcakes made by Steph and her daughter Holly! Am so gonna copy these!


If you want to see more photos check here.
Thanks for all your good thoughts and comments re- my knee:)
Tfl and have a wonderful week! 


6 responses to “Scrap Pink!

  1. I really loved meeting you, Ilka! It was a great day, I couldn’t believe how quickly the time went! Time flies when you are having fun and scrapping 😉
    Great pic of you teaching – you were fab!

  2. Sounded like a successful day and am pleased you had fun. A while weekend of scrapping sounded like bliss. Wow at those cupcakes they look fab. The projects looked fab and I must say I love the cards from your saturday crop, talk about pretty in pink.

  3. Glad you had such a great weekend Ilka! Actually you got your numbers a bit mixed up! We raised $570 not $750. not to worry! xx Kate.
    Eeeps me and numbers;p Changed it to the right amount Kate, thanks for letting me know!

  4. I really wanted to come to the Atomic one but it just wasn’t possible. I love Atomic coffee – we buy our beans there – and it would have been so cool to meet you all.
    Aww pity Penny, would have been so cool to meet you! Maybe next time! Must say the Lattes I had were super yummy!

  5. The cards from the saturday event look fabulous as well, you coped really well with your knee over such a busy weekend.

  6. wow you guys had such a cool time! Love the photos and those cupcakes look YUM!

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