Meet my new baby!

Canon PIXMA MP610 Photo All-In-One Printer – Inkjet, Copier, Scanner, 9600 x 2400 dpi
This baby made me get up at 6 am!!! to be at a Grand opening Sale at Harvey Norman’s at 7 am!!! – what on earth are those marketing people thinking! Actually it was kinda funny, I’ve never seen so many people in one spot at such an ungodly hour! Everyone loaded up with boxes to the tilt and no trolleys in sight anywhere ;p But it was worth it! I nailed 1 of only 20 printers for $239… saving $160!!! Talk about coincidences, the day before the sale I was at the shop checking out printers , really liked that one but it was out of our price range… Then a sales guy tells me about the upcoming sale…!!! I’m so happy, it’s become almost impossible to find refills for our ancient printer and I wanted a scanner for a long time now.

A friend send me this cool link  – a little ritual for letting go of fear and other things that weigh you down. Beautiful photos as well as inspirational.

Eeeps better dash and get ready, this cinderella is going to a ball! No kiddin- only it’s work related > supporting our guys at the yearly IHC ball. I intend to take tons of pictures too and hopefully will get some cool shots of everyone.
TFL and have a wonderful weekend!


6 responses to “Meet my new baby!

  1. TOTALLY *green* with envy!! But seriously happy for you too! Well done!

    Are you tired now? LOL 😉

  2. welcome to the latest addition to your family and go you for getting up so early to nab it lol. Amazing to think so many other people were up doing the same thing. Awesome price.

  3. Well done on getting up so early to nab a bargain….good saving!

  4. Congratulations on the new addition! LOL! I’m sure it will bring you many happy hours 😉

    Hope you got back before the coach turned into a pumpkin and you kept you shoes on.

  5. Looks good and I want one!
    Go cinderella ..hope you had fun!!

  6. Love your new baby!! I’m sure you’ll have heaps of fun with it 🙂 Hope you have a great time at the ‘ball’ too!

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