10 years ago…

I fell in love with this amazing man and we are still falling 10 years on!!!!!!!!

On the 6th of Oct 1997 totally surprising and completely unexpected a miracle happened…
If you’d have told me about this beforehand I’d have called you nuts…

At the end of 1996 I discovered the internet with all it’s wonderful things, one of them being IRC – inter relay chat. My german was getting rusty and I decided to check out some german speaking channels and found one full of a wonderful mix of germans in germany and german expatriats from all over the world. Slowly my german returned. Rainer remembers the day he first met me as it was his birthday ( 24th of Feb 1997). From then on we’d often meet and chat, mostly in the public chatroom, and only short times in private chats. Until that faithful day in October… I so clearly remember it.
It was an unusual time for Rainer to even be online and we started talking more seriously than usual about life, our hopes, dreams and fears… and that’s when it happened… He said I’d love to meet someone like you and I would so love to hold you in my arms right now… ( he was thinking me unavaillable – and was awaiting a big rebuke- as I was making it pretty clear in the channel I was not interested in relationships, only chatting german) and to my utter surprise I burst into tears and found myself saying that that would be wonderful….
I felt utterly and completely connected to Rainer and although he was half a world away I felt so close it was uncanny. We knew each others thoughts and feelings and this amazing connection was a total surprise to both of us…

Wow it was somewhat of a positive shock to both of us!
The day after we both felt like did that really happen? And we both felt like we needed to ‘catch up’ with what had happened. Gosh I can still remember it all so clearly! So we decided we really needed to learn a lot more about each other and between talks a lot of deep emails flew to and fro and Rainer decided to phone me… *grins* apparently I sounded so breathless he had to remind me to breathe as he was afraid I was gonna faint;p  Sheesh I was soooooooo excited! And he’s got one sexy deep voice too btw  – I still get all mushy when he calls me;p

So that’s how it all began… Now 10 years on we’re still in love!!! Thinking or talking about Rainer still makes my face light up as does seeing him! He still makes me feel all gooey and warm inside 🙂 I am blessed and am truely grateful to have found my soulmate!  And I have to chuckle – ever the complete romantic – I can say he had to cross the world and many oceans just to be with me….
I love you Rainer!!!


11 responses to “10 years ago…

  1. Happy anniversary!! I{heart} love stories 🙂

  2. Such a sweet story!! Love it, soooo romantic!!

    Happy Anniversary to both you & Rainer. You are just the cutest couple ever (and he does have a great voice BTW!!)

  3. Oh happy day! Congratulations, your love shines through all your writings, and his most recent one!

  4. awwww that is so lovely to read ;-). Love those flowers BTW!! As for the internet thats how I meet Mike too! And our first date was the 24th of Feb lol

  5. Awwww, that’s so romantic!

    Happy anniversary to you both!

  6. What a gorgeous story! Happy Anniversary to you both!!

  7. Love this story Ilka. Really meant to be huh?! Happy 10th anniversary.

  8. What a beautiful story Ilka! You and Rainer were certainly made for each other 🙂 Happy Anniversary to both of you and many blessings for the future!!

  9. Ilka! Congratulations!!!!
    Das klingt sooooo schööööön….*schwärm*
    Ich wünsche Euch ALLES GUTE!!!


  10. That is so gorgeous lucky to be in love and had the chance to meet.

  11. Congratulations on your anniversary, what a beautiful story that is!

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