Survived my first day back at work since surgery… crawled out of the car to the letterbox and found a happy mail from Penny! Put a smile on my face:) Then I open it and WOW!!!!

I was blown away!!!Look what I found!!!

Penny's bag

It’s the most cutest beautiful bag!!! Could not believe how much work and aroha Penny had put into making it! I feel truely special and honoured to possess it- thank you so very much Penny*hugs*  It’s even lined beautifully with satin, scrumptious and so luxurious! And check out the awesome ribbon embroidery!!! Got a cute little card too saying be happy.. well getting that supercool pressie sure made me very happy!!!


Oh btw Penny I’ll take your little tip and it will live in my special drawer *grins* Perfect 🙂
Well I better go rest up, my knees are killing me;p
TFL and I wish you all a good week! I.A


11 responses to “Wow!!!!!

  1. Wow, that is gorgeous!! Penny, you are sooooo clever! What a special gift.
    I hope your knee is not too bad Ilka, remember to take it easy. You may be back at work, but make sure they all wait on you as much as possible!

  2. Wow, stunning! You are one lucky chickee.

  3. Wow! That is beautiful. So much gorgeous detail in the ribbon embroidery.
    Look after that knee, Mam, take it easy!

  4. 🙂 So glad you like it 🙂 I had fun making it – the embroidery was the easy part – that is the cool thing about ribbon embroidery is that it works up real fast.

    Take care of that knee now.

  5. Wow Penny that is stunning, what beautiful work and what a lovely gesture. Ilka you so deserve to be spoilt….

  6. What a lovely gift to receive. And ditto what ever one else said look after that knee.,

  7. I agree with everyone else… take care of that knee! And WOW! Penny sure is clever 🙂 You SO deserve to be spoilt Ilka!!!

  8. That is beautiful! Penny – you are so clever!

  9. Wow, lucky you! Isn’t Penny clever?
    BTW, I used one of your gorgeous flowers on my Scrapcamp retro layout! Thanks – it worked perfectly!
    Hope you get to have a relaxing weekend??!!!

  10. It’s gorgeous Ilka, what a lovely gift.

    Hope you get lots of rest this weekend.

  11. what a wonderful creation…
    Ich staune total…
    So’ne Fummel-Knoten-Arbeit…!
    Penny hat’s drauf…:o))

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