Love long weekends!

Love, love long weekends with my hunis!!! That extra day makes it feel like a mini holiday! LOL and role reversal, the parents have off while the son is working. So proud of Chris for working two 10 hours days this weekend. *kaching* here comes the new graphics card for his pc.
Most of the weekend was about R&R , with a shopping trip thrown in and a bit of scrapbooking of course! The best way to end a wonderful weekend … a walk along the beach with my love 🙂

Love Kariotahi Beach with it’s black sand. How lucky are we? It’s our local beach!

But eeps what’s this? Looks like giant washing powder bubbles, the algae is called ‘rock snot’? how appropriate..LOL

Portrait contest, here’s Rainers with arm;p

And mine without my arm, not sure, who is the winner ;p

A last look at a beautiful sunset…before going home.

Hope you had an equally happy weekend and are ready for a great week!

Oops before I forget the upcoming theme at Scrap the Teenz is Extreme . Here’s a little preview of mine. But check the blog out now, there are some very cool teenage LO’s there right now!



8 responses to “Love long weekends!

  1. Ilka, those photos are GORGEOUS!! What a beautiful place and it looks like you had halfway decent weather over the weekend! Was it blowing a gale out there?? It was where we were!

    BTW, I like your portrait (without the arm) the best. But they are both great! 😉

  2. Go Chris for working to save for something 🙂 Your beach looks lovely!

    Thank you for your kind words on my blog 🙂 You are right – half the problem is this seasonal stuff! A bit of sunshine would work wonders!

  3. Wow Ilka LOVE those beach photos! You’ve got such a gorgeous smile and you guys look really happy and relaxed 🙂 Love those long weekends too!

  4. It sounds like you had a perfect weekend! Gorgeous photos, all of them. I like both the portraits for different reasons. Yours because you guys look so serenely happy and Raniers because you can see how much you have together!
    Thanks for visiting my Sis’s blog, maybe she will reply? I will have to nag her gently though. She is new to this kind of stuff!

  5. Wow Ilka, gorgeous photos and LO.

    I think I like your shot better? Hard to tell. Both great.

  6. have to say wow your the winner!!! What a wonderful weekend and ewww at rock snot lol

  7. Those pics are stunning!

    And ewwww at the rock snot….lol

  8. Great photos Ilka!!

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