Merry Christmas!!!

Wishing you and your Loved Ones a very Merry Christmas!


Hope you all enjoy a special time 🙂
Just love love decorating the house for Christmas! LOL as you will see!

Even the kitchen gets a make over.

This year we spotted a black Christmas tree at Farmers.. I know you’d think eww black? But it just looked stunning, luxuriously rich and exquisite!
I really love real pine christmas trees, but this year with all the stress of not even knowing if we could stay on in the house we had not bought one yet.. and this one made my heart leap! 
Now Rainer’s usual comment to anything christmassy is – “remember we already have xxx amount of boxes and NO you dont need it!” Imagine my surprise when he said, “OH I really love this tree…. ” I was gobsmacked! He even went and checked out the price tag!!! Sheesh such luxury dont come cheap! So goodbye tree it was. Then at the Puke crop someone mentioned Farmers had all christmas trees on 1/2 price.. out came the cell phone and guess what? Rainer all enthusiastic hunted one down for us!!! This photo doesn’t quite do it justice, with all the lights in it just sparkles like a gem!

Naturally it was time for a more girly tree and I just had to have the pink ornaments with the lovely fluff on it! They went so well with all the silver we still had. See Rainer it pays to have boxes and boxes of old christmas decorations;p  Now that Chris is grown up it is fun to have a more grown up tree. Had to laugh when Rainer asked Chris and a mate what they thought of the girly tree and Chris pointed at his T-shirt- black with cerise pink designs on it- and Tony said, nah it looks very cool. Told Rainer ‘old man you’re alone in the pink is for girls, the young men these days claim it too! LOL!!!

TFL, love Ilka


7 responses to “Merry Christmas!!!

  1. The tree looks cool Ilka. I got a white one – wanted to have red decorations for it but ran out of time and money – so they’ll have to wait for next year. I love all the kitchen decorations – very Christmassy. I hope you and your family had a lovely day.
    Take care. 🙂

  2. Love your tree Ilka….it’s stunning!!!!

  3. Wow, your house must look amazing!! I love the tree, it is absolutely stunning! Hope you had a really lovely Christmas, Ilka. 🙂

  4. love your colorful christmas decorations!! hope you had a wonderful one. ahh, got your email and will answer asap!! ;))

  5. Hi Ilka! Your tree is stunning. Love it. I saw so many pink shirts for guys the other day. My hubby is like yours though… no pink for him!

  6. Thanks for the inspiration in 2007, wishing you a happy and creative 2008!

  7. To you too and happy hew year – may it bring you joy 🙂

    Love your decorations Ilka 🙂

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