Happy New Year!!!

How was your Christmas? We had a wonderful relaxing family time! Just hanging out together, playing, eating, snoozing, simply relishing each others company.
Fuer Ronja, Britta and Joerg-Uwe, hier findet ihr alle photos ( Link to our christmas photos )
Lucky me I got so spoiled, yummy chocolates, a beautiful necklace and bag, an embossing gun, woohoo no more burning my fingers with the heat torch;p a fancy fiskars rotary cutter, stamps and other bits and pieces!
Slowly the stress of the last weeks is fading. No idea yet what we’ll do about the house being on sale.. moving? when and where to? Right now we just recharge. Rainer ‘s 4 trips to Aussie in 8 weeks took their toll but now with a lot of R&R he’s feeling his old self again. *yeah baby love it when you’re cheeky and happy*
The weather has been amazing and we are enjoying trips to the various beaches around here. Such a grounding feeling, walking on the beach, the wind in our faces , the smell, the salt on our lips, our hands entwined…. Just makes me feel so centred again.
We just love hanging out together! Right now life is simple, life is happy 🙂 And all else will fall into place.
I’m excited about the year to come!  But I shall save more for my next post ;p

How fantastic it is to have met you all through this blog and shared our stories throughout the year. Makes me feel thankful and blessed!

I’m looking forward to another year with you and wish you all a blessed New Year!

May Love, Light and Laughter abound,
May Fun and Miracles bloom,
And you find Joy in many places
and all you do!
TFL and all your lovely messages 🙂
love, Ilka

8 responses to “Happy New Year!!!

  1. Yay Ilka! Love your collage. What on EARTH is that thing Rainer has got? It looks so funky 🙂

    Happy New year to you too! May it bring you joy 🙂

    Hehe, oh that’s DonnyMonster, Rainer’s very own fleece cushion 0.o

  2. Happy new Year to you too, Ilka, hope things sort themselves out regarding the house, but on the lighter side, you look like you are enjoying the weather at the beaches.

  3. A very Happy New Year to you, my dear friend!! I’m so glad you had a lovely Christmas. Just LOVE the photos of the 3 of you. And the beach pics, too.
    I know things are a bit stressful regarding the house and move, but I’m positive things will work out and you’ll end up in a BETTER place and HAPPIER than you were in 2007! Hang in there, babe. I’m praying for you. Big ((HUGS)) and thanks for being an awesome friend. I appreciate you so much!! xox

  4. Happy New Year Ilka, am loving all the pics, you guys look so happy! xx Kate.

  5. Happy New Year Ilka.
    It looks like you had a lovely day on Christmas day, thanks for sharing your pictures with us all 🙂 I hope the house thing sorts itself out soon – very unsettling for you all. I have enjoyed having the opportunity to become a cyber friend via our blogs having met you at Scrap Camp – aren’t blogs just the most amazing things? Take care and I hope 2008 is all you hope and more.

  6. Happy New Year to you as well Ilka 🙂 Have to say those are the most beautiful photos and love how you collage them together!! All the best for a wonderful 2008 🙂

  7. Happy new year to you Ilka! Love your photos and so glad you got some relaxation time with Rainer. Hope the house hunting goes well.

  8. Such gorgeous photo collages!
    I love your words at the bottom too!
    Happy New Year to you & may 2008 be awesome for you.

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