Be warned!

Attention, long post ahead;p You’ve been warned;p
I’m sooooo in LUV with summer, holidaying and Rainer!!! Just love love love the summer and hanging out with my huni, going to the beach, to town, anywhere really so long it’s with Rainer! That’s the thing about having a teenager, they either work – Chris did some extra shifts at NewWorld’s -or hang out with their girlfriend, leaving the ‘oldies’ to fool around ;p
I’m also in love with those big photo mosaics, you can make them here. 
Kariotahi Beach, just around the corner from us and an absolute favorite beach of mine!
MEN, too funny sometimes. After a barefeet walk on the beach we almost burned our feet on the way to the car, the black sand ( it’s truely black- from volcanic sand ) gets so freak’n hot when it’s dry! We decided to get some stuff out of the car and hang out for a bit in the dunes.. First thing I did was put on my jandals, grabbed some gear and off we walked. Seconds later I hear Rainer : Owww, oww, oww, heck, no, wah it hurts…Wait!!! So I turn around and this is what I see, big man stranded on a little towel ;p How great I had my camera ready!! Poor sod;p

So Ilka to the rescue…. getting him some sandals. Had to laugh so hard!!!
Even he had to laugh about it! This is my absolute favorite pic of Rainer. All happy and relaxed! Gives me butterflies in my tummy and a big smile each time I look at it!

Cant believe Rainer is going back to work tomorrow.. sad…time flies by when you’re having fun! Whew at least my work doesn’t open until next week! Poor him but lucky me LOL! Well I got to weed the garden, clean the house, wash, organize some things Oh and did I mention weed the garden?;p I am so not a gardener anymore. And of course scrapbook too! 
Soooooo EXCITED!!!
A while back I was just surfing around when I came across Sarah ‘s challenge The Best Me. And I knew the challenge had ‘found me’! Just had a big grin and knew this was one for me. What a fabulous idea – A personal challenge. A challenge to be the best you- woohoo thanks Sarah!! I’m so looking forward to it and already did the first weeks challenge. List 5 small things to do for yourself. Aim – to enjoy a list and yourself!
I had so much fun redefining a list, not just another ‘have to do’ thing but as Fun to do List – one I actually love to do and achieve. Hmm pleasure lists ….! Now that’s a thought;p 
We even bought new plastic containers for the x-mas stuff and re-organized the lot. I’m so proud of myself, usually my x-mas stuff hangs around at least into mid january.. I know I know, but I just love all the decor .. The old boxes wouldn’t have survived another move and *coughs’ dare I mention we possess 4 giant 100 l containers full of christmas cheer now ;p 
Just luv luv the flow of the signo- not cheap but worth it! And why dont I take a footspa at least once a week? It just feels so nice! And nothing beats a Latte’ at the Agave  after a walk along the beach!
Feeling all inspired by this I decided to also join in Elsies PaperAdventure 08 . Almost finished my first entry and will show you tomorrow! LOL and there is more;p  Wilna has a great challenge going on and I decided to play along.  Choosing a word for 2008 and making a LO/ project and journal about your goals, dreams, aspirations, plans for 2008. Am still working on it.
With all the uncertainty looming and so much I cannot possibly foretell or control, I’ve decided to focus on the good, on what makes me happy. What keeps me centered. 
Time to trust.
Softly singing to myself Love and life is a journey baby not a destination. It’s right now.
So grateful and blessed to share so much of it with you Rainer!
And this was the pressie he got this Christmas. A 16″x16″ canvas.
I think I need to change the our into a black font or outline it with black, but otherwise I’m pretty happy with it. I just gave in to my inner child and we had a ball playing with all those buttons and other bits & pieces O.o 
Thanks for all your wonderful thoughts and comments! It sure makes my journey so much more meaningful and enjoyable!
Xx Ilka

9 responses to “Be warned!

  1. Wow, lots to say on this post! LOVE the photos of you guys at the beach, and yes that one of Rainer standing on the towel is hilarious! I also love the other one (your fave) as he really does look in holiday mode! SO COOL that you still get butterflies when you see pics of your man. Love that!

    Also love your list, and that canvas you made Rainer. And I confess that I *usually* leave the tree & decorations up until mid-January too! But this year I took them all down on New Year’s Eve, how amazing is that?! But having it all up for only a month is too short so next year I’m sure I’ll leave it all out for longer again! 😉

    Enjoy your week off next week and Happy Scrapping!!

  2. Great photos there, you really look like you are having a great time, LOL at Ranier, good that he could laugh about it.

    What a cool canvas, and just think, once that weeding is done (ugh) you can scrap the rest of the week away.

  3. Love, love, love the photo montages. I think I might have a go at making one myself.

    LOL at Rainer, so funny. And I could relate, we had a similar experience at the beach last week.

    I love your fave photo of Rainer, he looks so relaxed and peaceful, great job on all the photos.

  4. What a busy lady you have been…lol

    The photo mosaic is fabulous and the pic of Rainer on the towel is hilarious!!!

    I hope you enjoy the rest of your week off.

  5. Phew that was a long one, and once again, positive and inspiring! Your Fav photo is stunning, I like it a lot. Thanks for the links to those challenges, I don’t do a lot of surfing so it’s great to check out the surfings of others!
    Happy New Year.

  6. Wow, cool canvas Ilka, looks like you had an awesome time at the beach. Know what you mean about the hot sand, came across the same thing while away. Going to check out Elsie’s challenge, thanks and ‘happy new year’!!

  7. I LOVE your canvas!!! It’s a real stunner! As for the photo of poor Rainer stranded on the towel 🙂 Definitely had me smiling! You’ve got some great challenges ahead of you 🙂 Thanks for the link to the photo mosaic… gonna give that one a go for sure!!

  8. Hee hee – it’s all good!

    Summer holidays are the best.

  9. what great photos you’ve taken, lovely and clear!

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