Some LO’s

Thanks for the wonderful wishes and comments!
Saturday I dropped off my stuff for the NZ Scrapbook Shop – sorry Ann, missed ya again 😦 One day eh! I’m so silly sometimes, I scanned the LO’s I made for the big BE calendar, but forgot to take pictures of the actual calendar… Blame it on the heat;p
For January – this basic greay paper just begged to be cut out, used some embroidery, beadwork and bling;p Duh I also forgot to take detail shots;p

February – Valentines – surprise! -my huni and I!!!

I’ve decided to put myself more on pages this year, here I am gracing the march page LOL. Check out the NZScrapbook Shop blog for the latest new stuff like BG Two Scoops etc.
Scrap the Teenz has started off the year with a food theme and I love how different all the entries are. Go on , check it out and while you’re over there why not leave a comment ;p
TFL and have a good start to the week , and another glorious holiday for all the Aucklanders!
xx Ilka

8 responses to “Some LO’s

  1. Cool layouts Ilka! I especially love the valentines one. But I also love the photo of you on the bloom lo. You always look so radient!

  2. lol…
    That’s ok Ilka, i wasn’t there on Saturday 😉

    I look forward to seeing your gorgeous layouts when i’m at work.

  3. Happy New Year to you Ilka … loving your creativity … awesome!!!

  4. Hi Ilka some more great lo’s had a lovely lady come to see us today, Astrid from East Berlin, she is over here with her family travelling for 6 months or more, and my Deutsch ist sehr schlect.. lol und … her english is better.. I expect I will have to get out my dictionary, I am disgusted after all my study over the years, I keep fulling back on my danish.. caught up with Lee today, which was awesome. too.

    Are you willing to do some classes in Pukekohe?

  5. Cool lo’s. Love the baked bean one – too funny.

  6. Those are stunning. Love the banner and by the way its good to be back on your blog commenting. I am a baked bean snob too lol. Love your attitude towards health thats awesome.

  7. Absolutely gorgeous layouts Ilka!!! Love all the cutting out and the bling too 🙂 Had to have a laugh at your baked bean snob… very funny!!

  8. Sounds like you both have some great goals Ilka. Isn’t it great to be on the same wavelength as your partner?! Love your layouts as usual, I wish I had half your talent! xx Kate

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