Teenz are up

Scrap the Teenz blog has their new summer fun theme up and all the entries are so cool and very different, well worth checking them out imho.
Here’s my entry:
There’s something wonderful about a white background and how it sets off colours … will my love of white backgrounds ever stop I wonder?
I rediscovered a stash of lovely ribbons that went perfectly with the photos. Hmm rediscovery… had a bit? of a clean up in my scrap space – wow that’s an understatement – it looked like a few bombs exploded in there. Got to the point I had to scrap on my 12″‘x 12″ stamp pad because no surface was clear anymore… sheesh! All I know is it’s  got to change, I am ready to be less messy, I’m frustrating myself with being so chaotic O.o  Anyone  got some good tips of how to keep things clean( er) and organzied? Any sites or books that could help me?
Had to laugh when I looked at the finished LO and realized I had not used one bit of patterned paper, just a few die cut notes , the smiley face packing tape, ribbons, stickers and felt bits. Not like I dont have ample supplies of pp’s ;p And neither does that mean I dont ‘need’ more pp’s – you all know what I mean right?
Which reminds me PaperPesto has a gorgeous kit this month aptly named Be Loved, you can find beautiful inspirational LO’s of it here and also on Ann’s blog. PaperPesto also runs a sketch challenge until Feb 16th.
Edited – just found something to make you smile over here.
Have a great weekend all!
xx Ilka

14 responses to “Teenz are up

  1. Wow – that is such a fantastic LO! Love the way the colours just explode!

    Also – thank you for all your nice comments over at “my place”!

  2. Wow, that is a very cool layout, Ilka, very funky! And yes, I’m going through a white background stage too, love it!

  3. Vary groovy layout! I love white backgrounds too, but hubby isn’t so keen on them so I never get a very good response when I do them.
    Wasn’t the meme on Mrs Frizz’s blog great!
    Sorry can’t be of much help in the tidy, organised area, I need help sometimes too.
    I notice it is only 16 days…..

  4. ooh I will have to stop buying black… just going thru the flower power thing again for the trinth time, this lo just shouts out at you… very cool for a class.

  5. I like the white and black backgrounds……as for the organised and tidy……get a plastic container or basket. When you scrap and finish with the product pop it in the basket or container. When you have finhed the layout place the contents of the basket back into its rightful place. It helps if I clean as I go.

  6. This is super cool Ilka! I love white backgrounds too.

  7. Awesome groovy layout, Ilka! I just love the bright colours against the white. Very very cool!!

  8. Oooo – cool! Great altered photo too.

    I am with you on the tidy up. I really, really need to have a better system for all the fibres I have..

  9. I love this LO, and white rocks! Um as for messy creative spaces … can’t help you there at all. Mine is such a mess I keep losing stuff – and I’ve got a lot of stuff! I’ve decided that the messier your space is the more creative you are!!!!! and I’m sticking to that thought. Thanks for your comments too – as always, thoughtful and inspiring – um but I do have to look up ‘Miro’ LOL

  10. love the colours

  11. That is stunning Ilka. You do fun & funky so well!

  12. That is a great LO – such fun – great personality!

  13. Awesome LO Ilka. And yep, love white backgrounds too. Something so clean and crisp about them.

    I too use the basket method, unfortunately, I usually only empty it when its so full I can’t carry it without things falling out LOL, but at least its off my table! LOL!

  14. Just had to say, popped into your local scrap shop today, must say I was impressed,not much, but what was there was awesome… and lovely helpful staff… I can see this place expanding.

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