Day 2

Oh gals you are all unbelievably wonderful!!!! *hugs you all*
 So I todder back from work, glad the day’s over and feeling proud of myself  and at the same time feeling that craving, so wanting a sm… with my cuppa. To distract myself I go to the pc and I find all your amazing comments…. a smile creeps over my face, wider and wider and tears set in.. Happy tears! You have no idea how superb that felt, hearing all your voices and support. Just gave me an immediate boost! I felt hey, I am doing this  but there are a lot of people out there who have faith in me, who know it’s hard for me and who wish me all the best and believe in my strength to succeed! Wow that made me feel instantly stronger. I know now, in my weak moments I can recall all your comments in front of my mental eye and that will help me a lot to resist temptation. I believe every time I make the choice NOT to smoke it will get that bit easier for the next time when I have to make that choice again, until not to smoke becomes the default choice.
I am truely blessed to have my very own cheering squad to help me achieve this, to whisper into my ears, you CAN Ilka. Thank you all for caring and believing in me.  I know it’s a self inflicted addiction, it’s stupid and dangerous to smoke, but none of you made me feel stupid for having smoked or for not stopping earlier. Instead every single one of you makes me feel supported! What a blessing you are! *sniffles* (( Rainer just popped in to inquire if I was ok,he heard me sniffle, and I smiled at him saying, yep, I am just a bit emotional because of all those wonderful women out there rooting for me.I am soooooooooooooooooooo lucky *hugs ya all again*
Ok off to bed now, was such a full on day and I am dead tired.
xx Ilka

6 responses to “Day 2

  1. Keep up the FANTASTIC effort Ilka!!! You have such a positive attitude and you’re making a real change for the better 🙂 Great to hear how supportive Rainer is too and wishing both of you lots of good things! Glad to hear you’re going to use some of your savings just for you… you totally deserve it!!!

  2. Yay Ilka!!! You are such an inspiration, truly! Your attitude ROCKS and just proves that you are gonna make it! Oh, and in response to your email, I will definitely pray for you 🙂

    It must be pretty exciting to think you can use the money you save to buy scrapping stuff!! 😉

  3. Yep we’ll be on your side. It’s just one day at a time eh? Don’t get put off be the idea of weeks etc. Just think TODAY.

  4. Yay one day forward, well done, you are on your way.
    Got the pink and black pompoms out, “Go Ilka, Go Ilka, you CAN do it!”

  5. Wahoo Ilka.
    Good for you. Go girl, go!!!

  6. Fantastic attitude, just remember BELIEVE.

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