Day 3

Woke up this morning , body aching, blocked nose and sore throat… Guess I caught something yesterday morning after helping 3 van loads of people getting into the vans.. it rained heaps and I got quite wet. *sighs* Bummer my day off and all I  managed to do is a quick trip to the LSS for some embossing powder and the library. Then came home and was utterly exhausted. LOL my throat so sore I dont think I could smoke even if I wanted to;p So at least that diverts me well away from that;p My nose slowly making Rudolph some serious competition. Oh yeah I do feel a bit sorry for myself – LOL I know I know;p
Oh yeah and look what snazzy bag I used for my library books! Woohoo highlight of my day thanks to Penny – *hugs*!
That and of course all your encouraging comments! Means a lot to me, you are the bestest cheering squad there is!
Ok, time to lie down and rest up a bit more, lol just for a change;p
xx and TFL

7 responses to “Day 3

  1. That bag is awesome. Rest and relax. Also your body is also probably reacting to the non smoking as well so be gentle with yourself.

  2. Now that is a seriously cute library bag.
    Sorry you are not feeling well today, get well soon! Day 3 and still going well, yeehaw.

  3. Yeah what Janine said. Hang in there and be kind to yourself.

  4. I hope you’re feeling better really soon!! Super cute bag 🙂 Penny is so clever designing those!

    Stick with it Ilka cause you’re doing great!!!

  5. Ugh – colds in in this house too – seems to be going around. Snuggle into bed with those library books 🙂

    Keep up the good work lady!

  6. Cute bag 😉
    Hope you feel better soon, be kind to yourself.

    And wtg at giving up smoking!

  7. Love your new bag, sorry to hear you are not well, hope you feel better very soon! Go you on giving up smoking!!! Woohoo think of all that extra money you’ll have for scrapping goodies ;0

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