Happy Valentines Day!

Thanks again for all your thoughts *hugs ya all*! Whenever I feel the craving, I can ‘hear’ you all cheering me on to say NO THANKS!
Proud to report another smokeless day!!!
My nose is still happily running but my throat has calmed down a little. Gosh I am so hot and bothered, good I could rest up some more today.
Tomorrow it’s back to work >  Full dress rehearsal in the theatre (our clients put on a show this weekend), I hope I dont ‘melt/sweat’ away LOL.
Today I turned up the Valentines spirit for Rainer – Valentines is a bigger deal in Germany than here- and even did some baking! Gosh was I hot – that’s true love, being hot as and still baking cupcakes for my love! And I love that I feel this way!
Then I got the table all tarted up… yeppers went all out with pink and red! Not often I get a chance to indulge in girly girly!
Rainer is man enough to handle it!

When Rainer came home he added his bits and pieces. Woa it felt like a double birthday party! Bring it on;p
Just love love love this thoughtful man of mine! Am truely blessed to have found my soulmate!
Bye for now – until tomorrow night when I’ll show ya the pressies.
Take good care, XX, Ilka

10 responses to “Day4

  1. you know how penny left a funny comment on my blog. I am so sorry Ilka but your cupcups look a little naughty ;-P. I will say no more, I think its the colour of the icing and the sweet in the middle. Your table looked fab. Yes I am awake I had an early night but then couldnt sleep its so muggy….

  2. opps that should have read, cup cakes…

  3. Bahahahahaha Janine!!! you crack me up *wipes away tears*
    They dont look quite as *coughs* irl but in the photo… now that you mention it.. they kinda do;p
    *still giggling*

  4. njam njam…boa sieht dass lecker aus 😉
    mein freund ist nicht so einfallsreich 😦
    hehe hoffe du machst mir AUCH so leckere kuchen in 2 wochen.euch einen frohen valentinstag…liebe euch-bye ronja

  5. Everything looks amazing! I love all the decorating you did and I bet the cupcakes were delicious!
    Can’t wait to see/hear about the pressies!

  6. You are doing so well with quiting, keep it up babe!
    Your Valentines day sure sounds like a real celebration of love.

  7. LOL about Janine and the cupcakes! I love, love, love the cupcake tree holder thingy – where did you get it? I need one! And go you on the no smoking thing.

  8. You are going so strong with no (bleep, bleep)

    Love your cupcakes, but Janine made me look at them in another way, tsk, tsk.
    I love how you set up the table so beautifully, I hope you had a wonderful evening!

  9. *snort* at Janine’s comment…. the top one particularly so. ;- ) Hee hee!

    I am sure they tasted awesome. And I too am suffering from cupcake holder envy. I so need one now I have a wee girl to do these girly things for.

    Yay Day 4 down! Onwards & upwards!

  10. Those cup cakes look divine … love the stand to boot as well.

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