Day 5

When I first saw the cupcake stand I just had to have it! I’m so glad I did, it just makes anything you put on it look great.  I bought it at Spotlight a couple of months ago, not sure if it’s still availlable.
Valentines Update, gosh I was spoiled rotten! Roses…
and of course chocolates, arent these just almost too pretty to eat, but only they taste divine!
And woa, Nic’s book, I wanted that for some time! Rainer had a look around the shop and thought the art of personal imagery book would be just what I love. And indeed I do! *gushes* Isn’t he just amazing, he still blows me away with his thoughtfulness and the way he so gets me!!! Makes me fall for him all over again!
Had to smile about the mini drawer purse, full of glitter and bling and featherboa! My man is not afraid of kitsch;p  It’s just the thing for your study desk sweetie! Pinch me! This man of mine, love love how he still sees the little playful girl in me and spoils her! How absolutely amazing is that! *happy sigh*
And what did Rainer get from me you ask?
I decided we needed some more ‘wall art’.  My idea is to have a big cluster of various seized photo frames and canvases as a feature wall /area. And I just love the ‘selfportraits’ that we took over the last few months on the beach. Makes me happy each time I look at them.  Rainer was thrilled and loved the idea and his goodies.
Drama rehearsals went well today,I was so  flat out, not much time to even feel cravings. Day 5 I am so proud of myself. I didn’t even use the puffer yet!
Every day I stick to it, I feel stronger about it! And I love reading your feedback, makes me feel great! Thanks gals!
My cold is still sticking around – but not too too bad, just uncomfy sniffles and hot hot. Unfortunately it spread to poor Rainer. Bad timing, he came home early today to have a rest up.  He’s flying out to Perth early Sunday morning. Just hope it’s like mine, one really bad bad day and the rest more uncomfy but bearable. I’m glad I’m coping ok as I’ll be working the next two days. The guys are so excited, 2 public performances -IN FLAMES-, Sat and Sunday afternoon at the Light House Opera -Harrington Hall in Pukekohe.
OOps better dash and get dinner ready.
TFL, XX Ilka

7 responses to “Day 5

  1. Oh those roses and choocies look fab. Books and the draws….wow weee very spoilt. I love the canvas you made and I love those shots of you at the beach. Have fun this weekend with the production. YOu can do it!!!

  2. wow you did very well!

  3. Totally how does one reply to such a a lot of Love. Love the artwork, and love the idea of self portraits. Love the fact your R is such a thoughtful chap. Well it was valentines, so love is in the air. The chocs already make me feel peckish.. das ist sehr schone (?) the love. Dein man is sehr gut. Practicing mein deutsch, ich habe zwei fruend von Berlin, english nicht so gut. :))))

  4. Ilka, can I just say how AWESOME Rainer is? That guys just “gets” you!! Amazingly thoughtful and sooooo sweet! You struck the jackpot, girl 🙂 I just love the look of all those gifts, especially your gorgeous wall art. And those chocolates, wow! They look like they’ve been carved or something!

  5. Wow – that is amazing to be so in tune together 🙂 It’s great!

    Hope the rehearsals are going well. Break a leg as they say LOL!

  6. Wow at all your goodies on Valentine’s Day … hang on to him … lol.

    Love your wall art as well …

    Go you … another day … woo hoo.

  7. Oh wow, your man is just fantastic, you deffinately found the one for you!
    And your wall art for him is just amazing, so cool and special.

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