Day 6

We had our first show’ Enflamed’ today and all went pretty smoothly, the guys were totally excited and had a super time! All except for the poor staff who accidentally stabbed herself in the hand in the break between the 2 acts and had to go to A&E…  Fortunately it was hardly bleeding, but better be on the safe side. She’s ok.
Afterwards my friend Verna and I went out for a yummy satay chicken gourmet pizza! – Hey we deserved a treat! We had a great time chatting and unwinding together. 
Rainer did a brilliant job cleaning the house for tomorrows open day! I am so grateful, especially since he still suffers from the cold, I truely appreciate all you did huni!!! It was wonderful to come home to a sparkly house!
Did I tell you I had the MRI of my right knee last week? Today I got notice that I will be seeing the orthopedic surgical team on March the 13th! It’s all happening! Not long now and I’ll find out if I need a knee re-alignment or a replacement. Exciting stuff! I know you’d think I’d be frightened or something, but really mostly I am just looking forward to being in less pain ( or wow even no pain? cant remember when I was last painfree in my right knee, too many years ago) and the rest is just a way to get there.
As for smoking… LOl I felt quite smug today when the smokers desperately tried to squeeze in a smoke between act 1 and 2 while I cooly suckled on my waterbottle;p EEps will I become one of those obnoxious reformed non smokers *laughs*
Thanks again for all your lovely comments and support- it truely helps and motivates me!
We’ll be doing our last show tomorrow and then I’ll have a couple of days off. Woohoo! Time to scrap!!! 
And here’s a cool link full of the latest stuff from CHA to truely get ya drooling;p
Hope you are enjoying the weekend!
TFL xx, Ilka

8 responses to “Day 6

  1. I had heard a rumour that reformed smokers were a smokers worse nightmare. Well done to the team on a wonderful performance go kick some more ass and blow them all out of the water. Awwww “R” deserves a wee medal for doing the housework when he is poorly, hope he feels better soon.

  2. Good to hear that you are still doing well, proud of you. Pleased to hear the show went well, you will enjoy a couple of days off after that.

  3. Sounds like you are going to be one of those reformed smokers lol! Good on you and good luck for the open home?! Great news about the knee too!

  4. Awesome job Rainer 🙂 Hey – only 8 days till Ronja gets here – bet you’re getting excited!

    Great news about the knee. Less pain or no pain sounds good to me.

    Good on ya for lasting to Day 5 – you are doing really well. Yo! Yo! Yo!

  5. Hey Ilka, yes you will become one of those reformed smokers. I used to be a really heavy smoker, it’s hard giving up but so worth it. I haven’t smoked now for longer than how long I smoked for, and I just can’t stand the smell of smoke at all – we had breakfast out yesterday and someone was smoking… I would never say anything, but we simply wont go there anymore; My youngest smokes and I make him go right out onto the golf course to smoke- and then he’s not allowed to sit near me as I can smell it on him; AND I can smell if someone travelling in a car in front of me is smoking! True! LOL -hopefully you won’t become as bad as me ;o)
    Oooh I hope your knee stuff gets sorted soon! How exciting – 8 days to go!
    Good luck with the house.
    (is Verna – the avon Verna? – if so say hi)

  6. Britta und Jörg-Uwe

    Hi Ilka !
    Wir wünschen Dir das Du durchhälst.
    Kannst Dich ja mal wieder per E-Mail melden.Wenn Du Zeit hast.
    Die 3 Schleswiger

  7. Awesome news about the knee!!!!! Woohoo!!!

    You just be the BEST and BADDEST obnoxious reformed smoker you can be!! Kick some butt, girl!!

  8. love chicken satay pizza! WTG on getting a date for your knee and give yourself a pat on the back for not smoking!

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