Day10 -Week2!

I hope you didn’t think I ‘slipped’ while I was a bit MIA! Of course I did not! Not with all your voices standing beside my own, whispering, You Can DO IT! I’ve just been a bit tired, with working through the weekend. Rainer left Sunday morning 4am! for Perth and will be back on Sat. *deep sigh* Miss him… always do, no matter how often he goes, I still dont like it one bit! The house looks all sad…

So on Monday I hiked up to the NZScrapbook Shop to pick up my kit and catch up with the gals. This time I met the lovely Paula ( thanks for the super coffee!) and woohoo Ann was in! It was just fantastic to catch up with you Ann! Maybe I bring up some lunch next time and email prior;p
Back at work, everyone feels a bit flat and tired after all the long hours put in last week and weekend. Roll on next weekend;p
I know all this rain is good but does it have to be so muggy? *grumps* I dont like humid weather!
OH but check out these bikes, spotted in Waiuku > Pimp my bike < stuff!

Loved how proud the teenage boys were of their bikes. No chance for my son, he’s so not into anything like that;p He prefers to exercise his brain only;p  so I am glad for all the physical exercise he gets working part time in NewWorld’s store room lugging big boxes about.
Wooohooo— >not long now and Ronja & Andy will be here!!!! Counting the days!!!
Will catch up with everyone soon. Still a bit tired and my knee needs some rest up, hey sofa here I  come;p 
xx Ilka

8 responses to “Day10 -Week2!

  1. Cool pics of the bikes Ilka … didn’t have anything that flash years ago when I had to ride a bike … lol … it was a Raleigh 20 for me back then … scary thinking back that far.

    Rainer will be back in no time at all … think positive thoughts … take care.

  2. Cool bikes.
    Must be hard when your man goes away but he will be back before you know it 🙂
    Cool that you got to the scrappy shop and met up with Ann.

  3. LURVE the photo of the water drops on the leaf? And the rad bikes!
    Well done you, you are doing really well with the no ******g!!! Go Ilka, Go Ilka!
    Have alovely evening resting on the sofa.

  4. Yay – you’re on to week 2! How good does that feel huh? Go you 🙂

    Cool bikes – wish I was cool enough to ride one LOL!

    Enjoy some sofa time 🙂

  5. I was hoping that you were okay! Glad to hear that you are. My DH left on Sunday for a week in Melbourne for a training course for work and is back on Saturday – so can’t wait!

  6. Hi chickee, you are doing so well….hang in there you can do it!

    I really enjoyed our coffee break, let me know when you are coming next and i’ll bring lunch 😉
    x Ann

  7. very cool photos and guess what it is Saturday so now your house and you will be happy. Have a fab weekend and very cool you got to catch up with Ann.

  8. Love the rain drops, awesome photography all up… mind over matter, time moves to fast, take the time to catch up on the little things that he loves. 😉 wink

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