They arrived!!!

Thanks for all your comment! Sorry been very busy getting things ready for Ronjas arrival and haven’t blogged or commented much and likely will only do so sporadically over their stay here.

Woohoooooooooooo Ronja and Andy arrived!!!

And just a few hours later… at Kariotahi Beach.

Just letting you know all is going well on the non -smoking front! And it’s just wonderful having Ronja here for the next 3 weeks! Andy is a lovely bloke too and so easy to get along with. Rainer is beaming a lot, so cute to see the proud Dad! 
I might not be online much during their visit or comment on your blogs as I usually do.  Too busy having fun ;p But as Arny said : I’ll be BAAACK;p

Did you check out the ScrapTheTeenz blog yet? Teenz and their wheels, seems this pushes every Mom’s fear button;p

Oh and did ya see the nifty new PaperPesto logo I added? Speaking of which, have you checked out the sneak peaks of their March kit? No??? Well you better run over to their blog here. It’s guess what’s in the kit competition and the closest guess will win a cool prize pack! And omg this kit is so supercool, it’s got colour, b&W, funk and swirls! Woohooo I am so lucky I’ll be designing with it this month. Good luck to everyone playing!

Gosh I love having a daughter here! Ronja and I will be heading over to the NZScrapbookShop tomorrow eve for a special Product Preview Evening – Bisous- funky stuff by the looks of it. Gonna be so much fun- demos,  nibbles, cake & coffee and prizes! Check out the details here.

Time to head off, catch ya laters, have a good week and TFL!

xx Ilka


13 responses to “They arrived!!!

  1. Have a wonderful time with your family, ilka!
    And well done on the “no smoking” … no turning back now you’ve come so far! 🙂

  2. Have fun with your family.

  3. Heh Ilka thats awesome… where has yr daughter been… ? Just love airport photos… they inspire one to save & fly. lol

    Will check out paper pesto too. have included myself on their emails I hope.. enjoy yr time, as time is so precious.

  4. Have a super fabbo time.
    Yay well done of the no smoking – awesome.
    Great lo too

  5. Yay! Enjoy the time they are here – precious. 🙂

    And that is ab-fab about the no-smoking – see it’s happening!

    Does Chris no his driver’s license photo has been displayed on the web? *muahahahaha*

  6. know I mean, know *slaps head*

  7. I hope your having a heap of fun with Ronja and Andy! Well done on the no smoking… you’ve done so so so well!!!

  8. First of all – GOOD ON YOU with the non-smoking business! And second – so cool for you to have Ronja & Andy with you! I know all about being away from family, so I’m thrilled for you and Rainer! I’m in the middle of a visit from family myself as you know, and it’s just bliss. Make sure to ENJOY!!!!!


  9. Hey Ilka, have an awesome 3 weeks!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  10. Ilka, with your visitors here I don’t know where you’ve found the time to produce such beautiful layouts for the latest Paper Pesto March collection. You are amazing! Thanks so much. Looks like you’re having a wonderful time – long may it continue, and I’m glad the weather is better this weekend for you all.

  11. Have a wonderful time with your daughter Ilka!
    I’m putting a special post on SBO later, go check it out!
    Chris Millar.

  12. Hope that you have many special memories [and pics] of your recent visitors … look forward to seeing your creativity featuring your latest pics.

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