*waves to everyone* Did ya miss me? ;p
Life got a bit? hectic around here after the holiday, lots of work and other stuff.
Thanks for all your comments and emails! Much appreciated! I sure missed you!

Quick list update:

  • Yeppers I am a non smoker!!! !Most days I dont have any cravings at all! I am so proud 🙂 Rainer’s a non smoker too, so proud of him too!
  • We had a fabulous holiday with Ronja and Andy!!! The weather was sensational and I totally loved our trip to Pahia 🙂  ( photos later)
  • I had the MRI of my right knee, and saw the orthopedic surgeon. I’m on the waiting list ( 6 month supposedly) for a osteotomy ( knee -re-alignment to treat arthritis). Cant wait for things to change , woohoo less pain here I come!
  • Sadly a workmate has some bad back problems:(  So I’ve been filling in her shifts at work. Not sure how long my knees can cope with all that. Gosh I’ve been soooo tired. LOL! On the plus I’ve achieved quite a bit! And the chickies at work are such sweeties!!!
  • The house we rent is still on the market, looked like it might sell soon but now not sure again.  Time to re-think what to do or not…
  • I need to go to the dentist and I am sooooooo scared! Seriously dentists make me go all paranoid!
  • Rainer has been to Australia and back twice already since I last wrote. Looks like there are a few more trips upcoming *groans- I just dont like it when he’s gone*
  •  Oh and a very belated thanks to 🙂 Kate  🙂 for this award. How inspiring! And something to live up to again! Just the kick start I need now!!
  • And last but not least here’s my latest entry for the scrap the teenz blog! The theme was fashion, dont forget to check out the other entries here!

     I’ll have to do a lot of catching up on everyone’s blog and cant wait to see what you ‘ve all  been up to! Might take me a few evenings!
    TFL and have a great week!
    xx Ilka


    13 responses to “I’m BACKKKKK!!!

    1. Welcome back chick!!! Whooo hooo at still being a non smoker. Um I still haven’t made that appt with the dentist either so I am still putting up with the pain. Love the fashion layout very funky. Glad to see you back on line.

    2. Welcome home … lol – you know what I mean – welcome back … sometimes life really does get in the way and there are just not enough hours in the day. Congratulations on the non smoking … it’s got to be good for you … well that’s what I told myself anyway … weight-wise [should that be waist-wise – lol] I’m not so sure.

      Love the layout.

    3. Of course I have missed you!! But I knew you were busy enjoying the time with Rainer’s daughter and her boyfriend … so glad to hear that you had a great holiday with them.
      WTG you and Rainer!!! I knew you would do it. That’s such an awesome achievement … you are going to have to scrap a layout about it!
      Great news about the operation too, I hope you can get it done soon and that it will be the end of your knee problems.

    4. Yay you’re back! Wahoo I’ve missed you! No problem about the funky blog award, you totally deserve it chick. Sounds like you’ve been so busy, here’s to life settling down a bit aye? xx Kate.

    5. SO nice to see you back! And oh yes I did miss you!!!
      FANTASTIC news about the non-smokers, well done!!!
      So cool that you had a lovely time with Ronja and Andy, I bet it seems like eons ago already.
      Knees and teeth, must be better once they are fixed. Good luck
      LOVE the layout, another fantastic Ilka creation.

    6. Glad to see you back and yes have been checking. Hope your knee gets fixed super quick.
      As for the dentist I have a serious phobia about them in fact I would rather give birth than go but last time I went I saw my doctor first who gave me some wonderful drugs to take before and I laughed and chatted with the dentist it was great would highly recomend that course of action.

    7. Yep I missed you and so so so happy to ‘hear’ from you again 😀

      Congrats on being a non-smoker!!! So pleased you had a wonderful holiday but so happy to have you ‘back’ again!!!

    8. Welcome back! We did miss you, love your layout! Yay on the knee op and fab holiday and good luck with the dentist, I am the same about dentists so totally understand!

    9. Heh Ilka, thanks for the surprise comment on my blog… as sporadic as I am at blogging, its so nice to get little hello’s. Can’t wait for…..my midnight crop on the 2 May and scrapcamp on the 22nd… I am actually getting back into it slowly… have been spending a lot of time entertianing a couple from East Berlin & there daughter… really cool fun too… must catch up with Leee. toooo… take care. and big CONGRATS ON THE no smoking… thats really fab …

    10. Hi, first visit to your blog.

      LOOVE the ‘teen scrap’ layout you have posted here!

    11. Hi, first visit to your blog.

      LOOVE the ‘teen scrap’ layout you have posted here!

    12. Hi, first visit to your blog.

      LOOVE the ‘teen scrap’ layout you have posted here!

    13. I’m so glad to see you’re here, Ilka! I missed you! :o))


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