Thanks :)

Woaa what a lovely welcome back gals, thanks makes me feel so special!!
So nice to come home after such a horrid rainy day to lovely blog messages and a wee RAK in the post!

Spoiled me!!! That ribbon is gorgeous as, love the pattern and the colours! Already have a LO in mind! Thanks so much Michelle aka Mrs Frizz!
WHEW!!! Looks like I am not the only adult that turns into a jelly when she hears the word dentist!

Let’s hope the weather clears up a bit overnight. It’s not the rain so much – ok admittingly it’s not exactly a lot of fun getting wet 3 times in a day! But what’s worse is the grey dull sky and the feeling no matter what time of the day it is, it feels like 5 pm in the afternoon, all day long!!!

So here’s to a bit of blue sky tomorrow! nighty night!


8 responses to “Thanks :)

  1. I hear you on the grey sky thing. Whooo hoo at happy mail thats Mrs F she’s lovely.

  2. good to see you back and congrats on being a non smoker. well done!

  3. Lovely happy mail!
    So do you have blue skies today? We do down here, beautiful day!

  4. Great to have you back, and a big YIPEEEEEEEEE WEll DOOOOOOONE for being a non-smoker!!!

  5. Woohoo on the happy mail! I sure do hope these grey days don’t last too long

  6. Hey, glad you’re ‘back’! Don’t even mention dentists! I have had 2 of them tell me I’m basically a baby! LOL

  7. YAY! Well done on the non-smoking 🙂

    Welcome back too. 🙂

    And yes… really dislike the D vists.

  8. Hiya, well done on the non-smoking, i hear ya on the dentist front and thanks for the lovely e-mail you sent through.

    Hope to catch up with you soon.

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