Graphic 45 fun

*waves* yes I am still alive. Somehow since coming back from the holiday my life continues to be a bit? upside down. And I am still playing catch up… Since my last post I’ve been either working like a mad thing or been sick as in bed, tummy bugs, colds, coughing- throwing up- sniffling and more- I’ve done it all. I’m sick of being sick! Gosh it feels good to feel almost human again;p
Now I just need some more energy and time to catch up with everyone’s blogs.

But enough whining, I also had some funtimes, especially when I was scrapping with the cool stuff from NZScrapbook shop. The yummy paperline is called graphic45, vintagey and doublesided it has lots of potential uses.

And I am so loving all the photos we took from when Ronja was here, wonderful to have such a beautiful girl to scrap! I wish she was here always!!!
Must say looking at the LO’s all together it’s a bit of a ‘style’ mix. and who am I today?;p Freestyler or Minimal or what;p Guess that’s me, a bit of whatever mood I’m in at the time.

Beach combing at a local beach…

Oopsie Rainer forgot to his journaling, well once it comes back from the shop! I was thrilled with the serene title embroidery, especially since I’d handwritten it, and well you should know by now how messy my normal handwriting is… forgotten? just look below;p

Ronja was determined to go all the way up to the topfloor on the skytower even though she’s afraid of heights. She loved the view, preferably from a safe distance to the windows, and it took Rainer quite a bit of coaxing and a leap of faith and the belief in the safety of Dads arm for her to get that close to the window. Loved those moments between Dad and his little girl.

The one below was inspired by some dolls I saw in some magazine somewhere. Thought the vintagey paper could handle a bit of country-fying;p

I did quite a bit of embroidery on a few LO’s but forgot to take detail shots 😦 The one below I love. Already have a few ideas that spin of that one.

Yesterday I hiked up to NZScrapbook Shop to drop off my stuff and to shop a little. I knew they had a lot of new stuff in but OMG I was blown away by all the new stuff on the shelves. Ask Ann she can attest how I dashed about saying Oh yes Oh how cute Oh I love this and that and oh Look! Oh I want this. LOL. All the ranges from BG, gorgeous papers from SEI, DCVW- sparkle goodness, to die for Prima stamps, amazing Kaiser stuff, felt like half the shop was new stock! Check out the NZScrapbook blog . I was in heaven. And Ann is such an Angel she stayed on after work to spend some time with me, thank you Ann, love how we just click and enjoy our meet ups!

Wah almost midnight and I have another early start tomorrow, better dash!
TFL and have a great week! I hope to catch up with your blogs during the week.
XX Ilka


20 responses to “Graphic 45 fun

  1. Ray of light is a stunner Ilka, I can’t take my eyes off it. Hey I love that graphic 45 range, very cool how you have used it. It’s good to see your handwriting on that page too. Good to see you fighting fit again and wow your creations are fab. As for scrapping style your style is Ilka style, that is your style is what you scrap at that time which is the essence of you.

  2. Wowser, that’s come creativity you have shared … have to go back and have another wee nosey at a couple of them …

    Hope all those bugs have now disappeared from your household.

  3. WOW! I LOVE those vintagy papers!!! Your layouts are all gorgeous. Your style is so YOU!!! There’s 3 lo’s I want to scraplift LOL

    So pleased that you’re feeling better again and very happy to see you back on your blog LOL

  4. WOW!!! You have been super busy and I just love what you have been creating! Everything is gorgeous, and even though the styles vary (like mine do, I definitely don’t fit into a “box”) they are all still intrinsicly ILKA-esque. I adore the “Serene” title that you did with embroidery, I love the way you did the journalling on the Sky Tower one, I love all the great photos of Ronja, everything is perfect! πŸ™‚

    Sorry to hear you’ve been so sick, that’s not fun! Glad you are better now though.

  5. Some beautiful layouts there really like the last one. Its always enjoyable scrapping someone different.

  6. I saw the layouts on the counter yesterday and thought… ooooh Ilka’s been in!! πŸ™‚ Beautiful work – Ilka you’re a gem!

  7. Glad to hear that you are on the mend. sounds like you’ve had a rough time. But man you’ve created!! I’m loving the embroidered swirls – please tell me you have a template and that it wasn’t freehand….plleeeeaaase! πŸ˜†

  8. So love the ‘Ray of Light’ one too! Just beautiful. Love the look of the graphic45 papers too. Might just have to get out my needle and thread again.

  9. Gorgeous stuff Ilka! Love the symmetry in your layouts!

  10. Ilka – I was in the store with Kathleen when she was looking at your work – these are just stunning!! Even better in real life. You definitely gave me an itch to do some of my own scrapping.

  11. I just love all these layouts and always hang out to see your creations!

  12. Far out!! Love all of them Ilka and the graphic range looks wonderful! I especially love the ray of light one too.

  13. Wow I love all your layouts Ilka, boy you know how to scrap! Awesome!

  14. awesome layouts.

  15. shornsheep

    You are sooooooooo clever! These are really, really stunning.

  16. Your work is just gorgeous and so much better in real life!

    It was fab to spend time with you, i always look forward to getting together.

    Next time we will have to grab some lunch πŸ˜‰

  17. Heh firstly thanks for inspiration…secondly… as per Ilka great lo’s… hope we get to catch up at scrapcamp. Lee & Kim & a newbie (Carol from Scotland)… will be my bunkmates (if your reading this Leanne hope that the case lol)… we did sky tower last week… awesome… but would you believe I forgot my camera…what a sad scrapper I am… ich hoffe du scap mit uns. tschus

  18. Gorgeous pages! And even better live – I know ’cause I’ve seen them!! πŸ™‚ You are such an inspiration!

  19. Oh Ray of Light is my fave too!! Just so beautiful.
    Love catching up on all your creativeness Ilka, had to laugh when you said “which style am I today” you are you and its great….you should call yourself very versatile!!

    Hope the yukky bugs pack their bags soon.

  20. Great LO’s Ilka. Its great to experiment and go with the mood. Go you!!!!

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