Quick update

Did you have a good National Scrapbooking Day?
I went to SBO for a chat on Sat night. Lots of fun catching up, and the things I learned… from cooking to toilets and stuff I better not mention here LOL :p  Check out their National Scrapbooking Day challenges, most close next Friday, so plenty of time.

I didn’t get to do much scrapbooking. Rainer has been home sick since Wednesday- that mean flu! And although I’ve been working this week come Friday night I was so exhausted (-guess I’m still not 100% either :(- that I joined Rainer on planet R&R.  We’ve been there all weekend with the fire going, just blobbing and gathering energy. Devine!

In need of some flower power? There is still until Sunday 9 pm to enter the PaperPesto Freebie. Good luck!

I did a little surfing and found out that Maya Road has a new blog . And for some eye candy try ScrapScene’s Truly Trendy Contest , quite a few kiwi entries too! 

Time to join Rainer on the sofa again, have a great Sunday and a good start to the week!TFL and all the lovely comment you left to prior posts, always makes my day!
XX Ilka


11 responses to “Quick update

  1. That fire looks so warm and inviting. Blobbing and gathering energy is a must these days, sounds pretty good to me.

  2. Your fire looks great, just what you need on such a dreary day as today.

    Get well soon Rainer and have a good week both of you.

  3. Get well soon, Rainer! Hope you are both feeling 100% again soon – just relax and enjoy that lovely warm fire. Ours is on today too, it is wintery out there!

  4. I’ve done NO scrapping for days!

    We’ve got the fire on today too.

  5. Our fire is on too, and I’ve been scrapping in front of it, very luxurious! Love the pic 🙂

  6. Just looking at your pic has got to make everyone feel a little warmer …

    Lots of creativity going on in my household for the better part of the weekend … a little housework got in the way tho – gotta hate that!!!

    Enjoy your week. Hope Rainer is on the road to recovery … and you need to kick whatever ails you as well my friend. Take care.

  7. we’ve got our fire on too – it’s lovely even when you aren’t feeling under the weather 😉 Hope R recovers soon!

    I’ve got plans this week for the challenges!

  8. A great day for the sofa & a fire!
    Didn’t we have some ‘out there’ coverstions last night. LOL!
    Cool work for NZS too. I must pop in to see it IRL! Cool how I can do that.

  9. Oh that fire looks lovely. Had mine on last night but not tonight.
    Lovely R&R weekend by the sounds of it too.

  10. We must have been on the same wave length Ilka – we spent most of yesterday blobbing in front of the fire and it was wonderful 🙂

    p.s. Mum says thanks for the comment you left for her:)

  11. Britta und Jörg-Uwe

    da wünschen wir ihm mal gute Besserung

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