Wooohoooo runner up!

Wah Murphy’s Law lol I tried to post this all day yesterday and this morning, no luck. After getting the exciting news and some of your messages the Internet died… talk about sucky timing LOL. So thank you for all your messages, much appreciated ! Took 2 hours last night to get the helpdesk. Hopefully Telecom did the port reset and all is fixed now. First thing Chris said when I got home was, ‘the internet is back!’ LOL He’s such a techno kiddo.
Anyway, better hurry up-teaching scrapbasics at the LSS soon- will be in touch tomorrow!
Here is yesterdays post:
Wooohooo!!! How exciting Scrapscene ran the Truely Trendy Contest and I am one of the 5 runner ups!!! Especially cool since the LO holds a lot of personal meaning to me.

I entered late one night on the spur of a moment and did not really think I’d win or anything. Still cant believe it 220 international entries and I’m one of the top six! Woohooo!!! Another kiwi, Louise Williams is also in the top 6 >Big Congrats< Also to Beverly Warwick “Together” for getting Honourable Mentions!!! Kiwi scrapin rocks! So looking forward to some superyummy  Danelle Johnson goodies!!!
TFL and all your lovely comments! Have a great evening/day!
xx Ilka


19 responses to “Wooohoooo runner up!

  1. HUGE congrats, Ilka! I read about your success on another blog, VERY happy for you!

  2. I was stoked to read that news yesterday and I was wondering when you would share it lol….I couldnt help myself I had to share it yesterday on my blog. Glad your back online and can share the news official like. Thats a big whooo hoot moment.

  3. You are going to be walking around with a huge smile for a long time … well done!

  4. yayyyy….go you!!!
    Huge congrats Ilka, that’s awesome news.

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  6. congrats Ilka, well done.

  7. Wooooooohooooooooo!!! Go you!!!!


  8. Go you! Thats fantastic news Ilka.

  9. Awesome !!! well done Ilka! you guys are all proving us Kiwis have something special!! thankyou!

  10. That is just so fantastic! Kiwi scrappers really are putting a mark out in the world at the moment!

  11. Thats so exciting for you well done and great that one you entered had real meaning for you.

  12. Well done Ilka, so exciting!!

  13. I just wanted to tell you that your layout is an amazing piece of work. Love it! Congrats on the placement on the Scrap Scene Contest.

  14. hehe and she does it again…ps Ilka you can get up at 6am at scrapcamp… lets see if we can get those shots for you. I take about 5 before I am happy… and being the lazy scrapper I am years before they get scrapped. Love the LO and the thrilling excitement in your words being 6 out of 220 that is soooooooo cool.

    PS got my confirmation for SC, and chilling as the weather is looking forward to it, specially the homework hehe.

  15. I think it is so wonderful for NZers to get so far in the competition… especially when it’s someone I “know”! LOL! Good on you Ilka – you have a fresh approach to scrapbooking that I appreciate.

  16. Yay Ilka! Congatulations your awesome!!

  17. Congrats Ilka – you deserve it! It is so amazing to see so many kiwi names in the lights… along with the comments that the work is different from stuff they see ….we must have our own very amazing style down here.
    I thought it was wonderful to have so many of “our” names on the honours list.

  18. shornsheep

    Hey CONGRATULATIONS! Really love your layout, it is so original!

  19. Congratulations Ilka!

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