Happy Mothers Day!

Heya there, hope you all enjoyed a great day, especially all the Mum’s out there!
My ‘baby’ is working today but this is what I saw before I left…

aww he’s such a sweet one ( ok sometimes I could also kick his butt;p)
Rainer told me this cute story about the flowers. Apparently Chris did not like the flower bunches at the florist, so he decided to pick his own flowers to make one. He said to Rainer: “‘Oh I did not like any of the flower bunches they had in the shop,… So I picked flowers to make my own bunch. I wanted a nice big bunch, thinking I splash out on some nice cool flowers. Got a big surprise when I paid for it and it turned out cheaper than the premade bunches!
I love love this story!!! Firstly how sweet- he actually designed the flowern bunch himself!  Love all the white and green, just gorgeous, how special!!! And how neat for Chris to be rewarded for putting in special thought and effort! Total win win situation!
He also made me a lovely card, hehe he obviously had been to the LSS Craftee Creations. Yep this dude knows his ways around a scrap shop;p

Aww what he wrote into the card makes me all cryee and laughing at the same time! Very honest and cheeky;p  So Chris!!!
‘Thank you for being there for me and supporting me and trying hard not to get mad at me. Love ya lots and lots’
*chuckles* yep indeed I try my hardest but at times this boy of mine definately makes me loose my cool, but how wonderful to see at least he ‘get’s’ that I try and maybe- even just maybe- he gets why;p
Fab news! Did you know that PaperPesto is looking for 4 kiwi guest designers?  You can find all the details here. The kits are so gorgeous and the Paperpesto girls are just a joy to deal with! So what are ya waiting for?  Also PaperPestos’s latest kit > A walk in the woods <is now shipping! I love this kit, so much fun to play with!

Love that goofball of mine too!
Ok, better go and chase him off the play station;p 
TFL! xx Ilka


10 responses to “Happy Mothers Day!

  1. what a sweetie Chris is!! Picking his own bunch lol good on him! Love that layout but hey you know that already =)

  2. those flowers were beautiful Ilka and I love that he chose them himself, even better was as you pointed out ended up being a win /win situation. Love the card but whats more is that even though he is a teenager he still goes to en effort for his mum beautiful. A lovely son you have there Ilka. Love that layout very funky.

  3. That boy of yours is SOOOO awesome! I want my boys to be like him. LOVE the flowers (especially as he chose them all himself) and LOVE the card (especially as he made it himself). You are a lucky Mum!!

  4. gorgeous flowers and what a sweetie he is!

  5. You have one super sweet and thoughtful boy there! So cool that he picked the flowers himself and made the card. I love that he is such the individual and knows his Mum so well.
    Loving your work with the paper pesto kit!

  6. Lovely bunch of flowers and how neat he chose them himself – very good choices!

  7. shornsheep

    Wow what a neat son you have there!!

    Just love the green and white flowers together. He is sooooooo right, they look much better than the pre-arranged ones.

    And the card, lol, definitely a scrapbookers son there!

    Cool to hear that you had a special day yesterday. 🙂

  8. How cool is that … I’m sure you went all goo-ee-eyed as well … very special indeed.

    So all the sewing shows a layout that looks like that – huh – well done you!!!

  9. scrapbookdreams

    What an awesome Mothers Day treat! It’s unbelieveable just how thoughtful and special our teens can be 🙂 That card would have had me in tears! It’s so neat when they ‘get’ us 🙂

  10. How super cool is that of your boy to make his own flower bunch – so awesome.

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