More PaperPesto sneakies

Oops forgot I have some LO’s and  more sneakies from the PaperPesto kit to share. This gorgeous kit goes a long way!
This one is about the best Loo’s in NZ *laughs* It’s true, the Kawakawa restrooms are a work of art designed by artist Hundertwasser. (Hunderwasser-  a german name literally translates  to hundred- water, that’s why the 100wasser on the LO )

Used my paints from the march kit for this LO and made a tree outline with embroidery.

and the sneakies…

I seem quite obsessed with embroidering on LO’s at the moment;p

and some more cutting out and underlaying dark cardstock..

 love this yummy yellow… now that’s a new one, never figured me for a yellow person!

And dont forget to apply for the guest designers positions at PaperPesto! You gotta be in to win! Good luck!
TFL and keep warm 🙂
xx Ilka


16 responses to “More PaperPesto sneakies

  1. great layouts there Ilka, love the best loo layout. I have never been there myself but seen it a few times on TV. I heard its a work of art.

  2. Lovely lo’s. I too have a lo of those toliets lol.
    Love your painted tree.

  3. I noticed the dark under the flower on the cardstock too … great idea … absolutely brilliant and definitely adds another dimension. Might have to play with that idea me thinks. Loos layout – awesome. All your stitching on your branch out layout – woo hoo … I like that one too. Sneak peeks, waiting for you to share all.

    Enjoy the rest of the week at the office.

  4. You are so amazingly creative, I admire you!!! Extra much so now that my own creativity seem to have gone AWOL…


  5. Awesome work, Ilka!!! I love it all 🙂
    Thanks for explaining “100 wasser” as I saw that on the PP blog and was a little confused! 😉

  6. love the layout about the loos!

  7. More fantastic Ilka creations to wow over. You sure are doiong a lot of stiching on your layouts at the moment, LOVE it!
    Great woohoo’s in your previous post too.

  8. shornsheep

    Gorgeous! Gorgeous! Gorgeous!

    Oh these are my absolute favourite loos in NZ! Actually, they are my only favourite public loos in NZ, hehe. 🙂

  9. You have done amazing things with the kit this month Ilka, all of them are just fantastic!
    (My fav is the snapshot layout)

  10. Lovely use of the Pink Paislee Spring Fling papers. Aren’t they just gorgeous!!!

  11. Oh, Ilka, you have been such a busy beaver, went past the toilets, but never went in, wish I had now!

  12. Some pretty funky layouts Ilka love them. Driven past the toliets never gone in guess I should check them out.

  13. I love embroidering on layouts at the moment as well – it looks so good doesn’t it? All the layering looks great!

  14. Oh p.s just checked out the PP blog – and that sneak peek is so very cool in the whole – just love it!!

  15. These are great LO’s!!! Love all the hand stitiching too!! I’m going to have to give layering another go 🙂

  16. Mate but I love your work Ilka.

    I just told Hannah I wanted to be like her when I grow up and now I also want to be like you. LOL! 🙂

    100waaser would be a mighty long pee.

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