Yes it’s woo hoot Wednesday for Janine but Woohooo… or woohooohooo is also a word that I first saw when Rainer wrote to me. It’s his ultimate expression of supercool or big joy! So seeing woohoot always remindsme of Rainer, sweet!
woohoo- for once the internet is there! ( been having some? or rather quite a lot of issues with the internet this week. Gawds I start disliking that icky orange light on the router that mean we are disconnected yet again;p)
woohoo – it’s almost Friday! I love weekends!
woohoo – it’s been a good week and I just feel good, not desperatetly hanging out for Friday like some weeks;p
woohoo – I got a lot of paperwork done at work, more than I anticipated! Now usually it’s the opposite so that’s a big woohoohoo.
woohoo – not long to go until scrap camp!!!
TFL! And all your lovely comments to the previous posts!
Have a great remaining week, the weekend will be here soon!

xx Ilka



2 responses to “Wooohoohooo

  1. Great list there Ilka, and I went awwww about Rainer and his use of the word whoo hooo. ugh at internet issues though. Love it when you get more done that you expect it seems like a bonus.

  2. Must admit I so DO NOT like internet issues … they are a pain in the but!!!

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