Scrap the teens

Hope you are all enjoying the weekend! I sure am! Rainer took me out for lunch, woohoo no cooking tonite! Now the fire is going and the sofa is calling out to me to come plonk down to watch a movie with my huni.  Sheer bliss after a hectic week! But first a quick update.

The Scrap the teenz theme this month is fears/dislikes.  Check out the different takes on the theme here and a big Welcome to Adrienne – our latest addition to the contribution team- great to have ya on board!
My take was inspired by Chris strong dislike of tomatoes. Not sure I am happy with the way it turned out. Plus things like stitching and the silver letters didn’t scan very well. But I had fun going crazy with the sewing machine and have some ideas for future projects.

Oh and here are the sneakies revealed: Isn’t my Ronja just beautiful!

Love it when he brings me flowers, love the way my heart skips a beat when he gives me ‘that’ look.
Love I’m still so in love after 10+ years! Sometimes I cant stop gushing, it’s still a miracle, I found my soulmate, how lucky am I?!!!

TFL and for your comments, they always bring a smile into my days!
xx Ilka


12 responses to “Scrap the teens

  1. see I love raw tomatoes but dislike them if they are grilled. I dont mind tinned tomatoes if they are in dishes but not to eat on thier own. Love the stitching on the layout of Ronja. What a lovely day you have had.

  2. I like the tomato layout because it really gives the feel of utter dislike of the thing. As for the other layouts, GORGEOUS!

  3. Hi Ilka, i hope you are having a nice relaxing weekend.

    Fab layouts…..sorry Chris, i love tomato’s…

  4. Love all the layouts, Ilka! Great stuff 🙂

    Tell Chris that I hated tomatoes that much when I was his age … but I quite like them now!

  5. The tomato LO works beautifully Ilka 🙂 I like the speckly stuff round the ‘matoes.

    He really hates them eh? Gosh. No tomato and mozzarella salad for him then! LOL!

  6. shornsheep

    YES, the tomato LO works, waddaya saying, lol!

    The stitching in the second LO looks really pretty and effective; and I love the third LO also. Love your use of the lovebirds there.

  7. LOL at the tomato layout – funny the quirks that make up a person that we dont really think about. very cool!

  8. great layouts. I don’t like eating tomatoes on their own but will do mix in salads etc..

  9. ooh thats the difference tween me and most.. I post fast to share.. cause no hub or bf…was really aweosme catchingup..carol or cazmo had such f…king (soz ladies) awesome things to say about u …Lee & Kim..I was so proud toknow u 3… caz enjoyed her weekend.AND WILL BE BACK…god do I have to drive her…we had to stopin cambridge for a whisky…bloody scots.

  10. Awesome LO’s! You have a very unique style! Love it!!! 🙂

  11. Adorable layouts Ilka … but where are you … you have been very quiet … hope all is well in your neck of the woods.

  12. Hi Ilka…yes hope all is well….if you do find a minute…check out the Jack Me Up site as you are our featured scrapper this month!

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