Oops another week just zoomed by! Another cold, what’s up with that? I thought not smoking is supposed to make you healthier…. I never had as many colds as this year.
Still – I am soooo proud of myself
, I survived my first party and drinks as a ‘non smoker’ a couple of weekends ago. Yeah I know…what a lame social life I have. One party in six months;p
And what’s going on with the internet in NZ? Our broadband is as fickle as a candle in the wind. Today I downloaded the same email 9 times!!! before the connections was up long enough to download the rest of emails. I had to write this post offline and then copy/paste it into wordpress. No catching up with blogs or surfing at the moment
Makes me wonder if all those storms damaged something. I know all is supposed to be underground etc but it’s been so bad since the storms…LOL and me & Rainer are too pooped to ring up slingshot and listen to : All our lines are busy at the moment, please hold blabla for an hour or 2 ;p

Whine whine, can you tell I had a stressful day?;p Enough of that and onto the fun things.

I had an absolute blast creating with this month’s PaperPesto Kit called the
“Passages of Time” Collection.  This kit will go on sale July the 10th. Love that many of the papers are double-sided, especially good mileage from the gorgeous Theresa Collins Journaling papers. My absolute fav’s are the cool Heidi Swapp tapes , the date stamp, the wee mini alphas and and;p 

Here are some sneakies. You can see the full LO’s over at the PaperPesto blog


 I dig those pearl brads!


 TFL J Hope you all are keeping safe and warm!

Xx Ilka



7 responses to “Sneakies

  1. cool sneak peak! Yeah tired of the wet over this side of town too.

  2. Cool sneak peak Ilka. Funny you should mention being sick after giving up smoking, my mum has found the same. Ugh at dodgy connections. Well done on surviving your first non smoking at a party.

  3. Totally gorgeous peeks, Ilka!! I am playing with the July kit at the moment too, and looks like we have a couple of similar ideas going 🙂

    AWESOME job surviving your first party without smoking – that’s a huge milestone, go you!!

  4. well done you surviving the party!

  5. Love the sneak peeks Ilka!! Well done on surviving your 1st party as a nonsmoker, thats one of the harder things being around smokers and staying strong – you go!!

  6. p.s – just seen the ‘real’ things on PP and WOW!!!! very cool :o)

  7. My emails have been playing up too so it’s not just you 🙂 Love your sneek peeks! off to check out the real thing on pp!

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