Brag alert!

Bragalert!!!Time for me to brag big time!!! I am so so proud of Christopher!!!
For those that dont know, he forced our hand a few years ago when he decided not to stay at school. He was 16 1/2 when he left before even gaining university entry levels. He was too bored and unmotivated in school… We worked out that he could go to MIT (Manaukau Institute of Technology) and study computer stuff there. He started with a 1/2 year of Computer Foundation Course and just finished his 2 years and now has a Lvl 4 and Lvl 5 Diploma in Information and Communication Technology. Not bad at all for an 18 year old! I am so very proud and also quite relieved how things turned out for him.
But wait, there is more… Let me shout it from the rooftops… he’s applied to study at AUT ( Auckland University of Technology) towards a Bachelor of Computer and Information Sciences Degree. And as he does not have university entrance, no NCEA Lvl 2 credits, nor is he 20 years old yet it was a bit of a wait and see if they would acknowledge his MIT work and credit him with enough points…
Whew the acceptance letter arrived last weekend and we are all so happy! Naturally I am totally proud of him. It’s amazing what Chris has achieved in the last few years, especially considering his age. So here I am with a big smile on my face, breast swelling with pride, completely enjoying my brag moment! Love you heaps and heaps Chris!

Oh yes it was also time for another Scrap the Teenz inspiration. This one was about teenz and pets. I had the perfect pictures from the end of last year when Tarryn got a puppy for her birthday. Chris is not really a ‘dog person’ but that does not matter to Cosmo. He simply adores Chris and it did not take long for Chris to fall for him either;p
I love these photos, they are so bright and full of fun!

Dont forget to check out the blog, there’s such a neat variety of LO’s to the theme.
TFL and wishing you all a great week 🙂
xx Ilka


21 responses to “Brag alert!

  1. scrapbookdreams

    LOVE your layout Ilka!! And go Chris!! That is such an awesome achievement!! I can totally understand how proud must be… and congrats on supporting him towards such a great future!!

  2. Go Chris thats awesome news!!! Well done!! Ilka I can undertsand why you are so proud of Chris. Its good that you allowed him that space to find his way as it sounds like he has found the path he is meant to be on.

  3. Gosh that is great news about Chris! Congratulations to him – well done.

    Awww cute puppy! Great photos too 🙂

  4. congrats to Chris! well done.

  5. That’s fantastic news about Chris Ilka – I think I would be bragging too 🙂
    Love your layout BTW. That puppy is soooo cute.

  6. GO CHRIS!! That’s just awesome news, Ilka! I can just see your face beaming with pride, and you absolutely should be proud of him! And he should be proud of himself, that’s an awesome achievement.

    The layout is gorgeous, what a cute puppy!

  7. Fantastic news for Chris – well done to him (and you guys for letting him be him)
    Gorgeous lo.

  8. You enjoy that brag moment well done Chris. Good that he has done it his own way.

  9. wtg Chris that is blardy awesome! good on him finding his niche and you two for letting him find his way.
    Love that LO Ilka too. It rocks!! you have to submit this one!

  10. WTG Chris! You’ve got every reason to be proud!

  11. Love your oh so funky layout! 🙂

  12. Oh yay – you brag away – I would !! Way to go Chris awesome news!

  13. Bragalert – love the terminology – must remember that one. And you my friend can brag all you like – good on ya Chris – woo hoo.

    Awesome colour combo on that layout too btw.

  14. That is an awesome achievement & all goes to prove that if you follow your passion, with hard work, it will work out somehow.

  15. Wow Ilka! that is definitely worth all the shouting from roof tops that you can muster! Well done, Chris! Worth all the hard work I’m sure.

  16. That is fantastic news regarding Christopher, Ilke!

    See, school isn’t for everyone. So many people do amazingly well at something they are interested in and enjoy who didn’t fit into the school system.

    Keep bragging away!

    Love the layout too. And the cute puppy. 🙂

  17. Oh man that is A W E S O M E!! Very clever indeed:)

    Love the layout Ilka!! Cute, cute photos:)

  18. wOO hOO!!!
    WTG Chris….well done young man!

    And well done to his mum and dad for raising such an amazing teen.

    I’m so pleased for you all 🙂

  19. Glückwunsch an Chris von uns dreien aus Schleswig

  20. bought tears to my eyes.. yes I get soppy… that is just the greatest achievement in todays so hard to achieve teenage world… GO GET Em!

    as to scrappin LO’s what are they… finished a 2 yr old jumper for my 3 yr old niece.. noice going kim pats herself.. turned out better than a scrap page.

    ILKA we have to make time out… went by waiuku shop…was closed.. bummer… parking weird… mitre 10 friend said.. just park lol…

    ps Where is Lee?????

  21. WTG Chris! And WTG Ilka. A hard decision to have supported in the 1st place, but one that paid off. It is so awesome that he has found his niche and running toward the goal.
    Awesome layout too, the colours are fantastic.

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