Yep she’s alive

First up thank you for all your wonderful comments 🙂 Made me feel great and I know it did the same to Chris! He’s happy at AUT and loves the cool central city location of his campus!

Cant believe it- almost a month since I last posted. Time just speeds by at the moment. Scary scary how fast… But then maybe that’s good because I am thoroughly sick of winter, rain and rain storms. Bring it on Spring!
Am too busy working, very full on 😦 I am exhausted and soo tired. Maybe I could curl up and have a winter’s sleep like a bear ;p Still doing heaps of extra work – will I ever learn to say NO thanks? The sick coworker, still not back yet…
Another cold and thanks to this yucky non stop rain Chris’s sleep out and our storage area flooded… Wah as if I am not busy enough as it is.
But there were some highlights too.
We had a fantastic trip to see the Maori TV Studios. What a bunch of lovely people, superfriendly! It was amazing to see everything! They are open to visits from the public, check the website for details.

Oh the gorgeous kit from Paperpesto was such a joy to work with! A total highlight for me, loved the stamps, the papers, embellies, the lot! Too bad it’s already sold out.
Check out the PaperPesto blog to see my fellow DT Ann’s cool work!

And here are some sneakies from me.

Oh almost forgot, the last entry to ScrapTheTeenz  – theme was Today you – I scrapped about a typical weekend day at work( New Worlds ) for Chris.

I hope to catch up with your blogs over the week. Miss not knowing what’s going on… But our internet is as turbulent as the rain at the moment… And I have to admit I used some rather foul language when the internet disappeared for the 10+ time in a row. That or I give up, for sanity’s sake ;p
Hope this finds you all are well and save! Thanks for listening to my whining ;p and for looking 🙂
xx Ilka


20 responses to “Yep she’s alive

  1. Welcome back Ilka, Hugs. Love those sneaky peaks, I cant wait for the full reveal. Love the today layout a good way to create a day in the life of. Yippe for Chris loving school an the location. Please dont wear yourself out either as you need to take care of you for your upcoming date with the surgeon.

  2. Yay, you’re alive! Welcome back 🙂
    Sorry to hear that you are so busy and worn down … you definitely should say “no” sometimes, and look after YOU. Because you are important!

    I love love LOVE the sneak peeks, and can’t wait to see more …

  3. Yay! good to see you 🙂

    Bummer about the work situation, and yes, the weather is the pits.

    Love your work as always 🙂

  4. Nice to see you back. Love that paper pesto kit I should have got in quicker I think. Sneak peeks look good. Good that Chris is enjoying the inner city.

  5. Whoooo yr daughter is so pweetyy like her mum, love the pink hair, and that lo is awesome, might be a sl coming up for me. EVERYTHING is so cool… LOVE the barcelona idea… travel spin… I did a spin page class few weeks back, girls loved it, but this takes it to another level… :D. Just texting Lee how fantastic (another positive adjective haha) yr work is going… inspirational…cheers. xx

  6. Sneek peeks are gorgeous. I’m quacking with all this rain!

  7. Oh, these are stunning too!

    Yeah, I have heard great things about Maori TV. Supposed to be an awesome place to work too.

    Sorry about you getting flooded. We get too much rain here, but not as much as you people up North. The sun is shining at the minute for the first time since I don’t know when. Hope it lasts, very soggy and muddy here too.

  8. Welcome back Ilka … Barcelona layout – sensational … love it …

    Scrap the Teenz layout … like that one too. Sneak peeks, well as usual I’m waiting on the full reveal. LOL.

    Look after yourself buddy – work will wait and it will still be there another day … slow down, just a liltle and look after yourself.

  9. Hiya, sorry to hear that work is still keeping you really busy, must be time to come and have lunch with me again soon 😉

    I knew you were going to love this kit….it’s so you!
    But i wanna see it all now…

    Take care.

  10. Just saaw your page on today’s PP reveal… it’s lovely… my fav colours at teh moment, plus the stitching… loving it 🙂

    Hope things are drying out fast up your way, and that work settles down. Life gets too busy at times – do take care, ya hear? 🙂

  11. Hey there Ilka – loving your sneak peaks as usual they have me very interested- so cool – isnt life just so awful – interfering with ‘our’ time ;O0

  12. stumbled across your blog… wow. great work.

    Lovin your style, those flowers and that stitching. Cool. very very cool

  13. Okay, where are you buddy – I know you have been busy creating … cos I’ve seen it all coming up on the PP blog … awesome!

  14. Heh Ilka…. Happy New Year… time to update our blogs!!!! xx

  15. Hi… we are doing a secret DT call for a manufacturer here in Australia and would like one person from NZ on our team. I would like to invite you to apply for this position.

    Here is the link:


  16. Hi Ilka, just calling in to see how you are, haven’t heard from you, here, or any forums for a while.

  17. Greetinx from good old germany, in case you still remember me…. 😉

  18. Ilka, are you out there?? I’ve been thinking about you lately and wondered how you were doing. I hope you are well and having a wonderful New Year. Drop me an email sometime, I think you still have my addy?

  19. Love those sneak peeks ,and your Scrap the teens page 🙂

  20. If you knew this person like I know her you would not want to have anything to do with her. For starters she lives in a fantasy world, she is the worlds worst mother. She also tells so many lies, I think she has learned over the years to believe them.She treats her son Chris like a commodity. She stopped him seeing or having any contact with his father many years ago and has and is still currently screwing up Chris’ life. Her love for her son is conditional on what he can do for her, makes him feel guilty for having or wanting to have a life.
    She is a toxic headcase who belongs nowhere else but a mental institution.

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