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Oops another week just zoomed by! Another cold, what’s up with that? I thought not smoking is supposed to make you healthier…. I never had as many colds as this year.
Still – I am soooo proud of myself
, I survived my first party and drinks as a ‘non smoker’ a couple of weekends ago. Yeah I know…what a lame social life I have. One party in six months;p
And what’s going on with the internet in NZ? Our broadband is as fickle as a candle in the wind. Today I downloaded the same email 9 times!!! before the connections was up long enough to download the rest of emails. I had to write this post offline and then copy/paste it into wordpress. No catching up with blogs or surfing at the moment
Makes me wonder if all those storms damaged something. I know all is supposed to be underground etc but it’s been so bad since the storms…LOL and me & Rainer are too pooped to ring up slingshot and listen to : All our lines are busy at the moment, please hold blabla for an hour or 2 ;p

Whine whine, can you tell I had a stressful day?;p Enough of that and onto the fun things.

I had an absolute blast creating with this month’s PaperPesto Kit called the
“Passages of Time” Collection.  This kit will go on sale July the 10th. Love that many of the papers are double-sided, especially good mileage from the gorgeous Theresa Collins Journaling papers. My absolute fav’s are the cool Heidi Swapp tapes , the date stamp, the wee mini alphas and and;p 

Here are some sneakies. You can see the full LO’s over at the PaperPesto blog


 I dig those pearl brads!


 TFL J Hope you all are keeping safe and warm!

Xx Ilka



They arrived!!!

Thanks for all your comment! Sorry been very busy getting things ready for Ronjas arrival and haven’t blogged or commented much and likely will only do so sporadically over their stay here.

Woohoooooooooooo Ronja and Andy arrived!!!

And just a few hours later… at Kariotahi Beach.

Just letting you know all is going well on the non -smoking front! And it’s just wonderful having Ronja here for the next 3 weeks! Andy is a lovely bloke too and so easy to get along with. Rainer is beaming a lot, so cute to see the proud Dad! 
I might not be online much during their visit or comment on your blogs as I usually do.  Too busy having fun ;p But as Arny said : I’ll be BAAACK;p

Did you check out the ScrapTheTeenz blog yet? Teenz and their wheels, seems this pushes every Mom’s fear button;p

Oh and did ya see the nifty new PaperPesto logo I added? Speaking of which, have you checked out the sneak peaks of their March kit? No??? Well you better run over to their blog here. It’s guess what’s in the kit competition and the closest guess will win a cool prize pack! And omg this kit is so supercool, it’s got colour, b&W, funk and swirls! Woohooo I am so lucky I’ll be designing with it this month. Good luck to everyone playing!

Gosh I love having a daughter here! Ronja and I will be heading over to the NZScrapbookShop tomorrow eve for a special Product Preview Evening – Bisous- funky stuff by the looks of it. Gonna be so much fun- demos,  nibbles, cake & coffee and prizes! Check out the details here.

Time to head off, catch ya laters, have a good week and TFL!

xx Ilka

R is for Ronja

Many thanks for your wonderful and supportive comments, always makes me feel so much better *hugs you all*

My gorgeous gift daughter Ronja ( Rainer’s daughter who lives in Germany) has sent me some photos and I just have to share my beautiful Ronja with you.


The flowers in her funky glasses are real! How cool is that?

Ronja's cool glasses

And here is Ronja with her partner Andi.

Ronja & Andi

I had been asking for some picture so I could scrap her. I had a LO I wanted to do in mind. So wish we could spend a christmas together!!! Actually I’d love her to live over here but she’s quite settled in Germany. I’m so blessed she is beautiful inside and out and I couldn’t have dreamt of a better daughter, if only she would live here. My world would be more perfect.
Here it is, once again using the gorgeous PaperPesto kit. Wow this kit gives some mileage alright! It’s a pity you cant see it in the photo but the swirls are yummy glittery and the background is a subtle bling cardstock.

All we want for x-mas

Thanks for looking and have a great weekend!
xx Ilka



Sorry I was MIA big time.  Every now and then my life seems to get turned upside down suddenly with no warning… Well the last few weeks were like that.
The house we’re renting is on the market now… yep right before x-mas.. And of course Murphy’s law strikes and that was just the beginning.
My knee -the other one this time;p- is getting worse and I’ve started the process of further treatments ( op’s – scary stuff for me as there’s a lot of bad memories but I’m ready to deal with it now). 
Then our lovely teenage son ,the one that we are so blessed with for being such an amazing young man went a bit through personal hell and back. ( Cant get into details but all relating to his gf and her family).
Gosh it’s so hard being a Mum at times, when you can see where some things might be leading to, recognizing the potential dangers and pain lieing ahead… But you cannot stop them from making their own mistakes or stop their own life’s lessons. But oh boy it’s so hard…
Fortunately he’s honest with us and talks to us as all we can do is have talks, show options, make him aware of pitfalls, remind him of what’s important and then have faith in him. And faith in ourselves that we’ve brought him up the right way. That through the years he’s learned to accept and love himself, is confident in his abilities, that he can think for himself, not onesided but with a wider view. That his ethics and morals are a firm base on which he can weather any storm. He’s such a caring responsible person and it’s hard to see how exactly this might be taken advantage of but then I guess one of the biggest lesson of all is to learn what’s a worthy cause and what is not. 

And all this has been such a learning curve for me as a Mum. I had to really dig deep, face a lot of my fears ( hey this is my baby we are talking about and a part of me wants to wrap him in cotton candy and make sure he’s never getting hurt..LOL ) . Had to realize that I cannot get emotionally drawn into those crisis every time or I’ll  end up an emotional wreck. So I had to take some time out and focus on getting to that point inside me where I can be caring and supportive without getting ‘sucked completely in’. Hehe still some work to do on that one but I’m on the way!

As always I believe that these challenging moments in my life -hard as they are- are great gifts providing me with good opportunities to grow and expand as a person. As well as realizing what amazing family and friends I have, especially Rainer and Silke, I am truely blessed!

 Scrapwise I’ve been really busy, thank goodness for the outlet!
NZScrapbook Shop has so much devine products in now and I had the pleasure of playing with some gorgeous x-mas stuff, more pictures later.
Check out their cool competitions here. Woohoo would you believe it the amazing Jamie Waters to visit NZ Scrapbook Shop and is doing a workshop. I am soooooooooooooooo going!!!!You better be fast with the bookings as they are quickly filling up.

Then the gorgeous Paperpesto December kit Merry and Bright arrived. Lucky lucky me was the designer this month! Wowsee those gals know how to put together a fab kit alright! Unwrapping it was such a delight, love how beautifully presented the kits are! This kit is stuffed with x-mas spirit and I ‘ve already done heaps of projects and still got more product left!
Here’s a little project, the rest you can view for now on the Paperpesto Blog

Off to check out the blog world! Thanks for stopping by and I hope you all have a wonderful pre christmas season!