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Brag alert!

Bragalert!!!Time for me to brag big time!!! I am so so proud of Christopher!!!
For those that dont know, he forced our hand a few years ago when he decided not to stay at school. He was 16 1/2 when he left before even gaining university entry levels. He was too bored and unmotivated in school… We worked out that he could go to MIT (Manaukau Institute of Technology) and study computer stuff there. He started with a 1/2 year of Computer Foundation Course and just finished his 2 years and now has a Lvl 4 and Lvl 5 Diploma in Information and Communication Technology. Not bad at all for an 18 year old! I am so very proud and also quite relieved how things turned out for him.
But wait, there is more… Let me shout it from the rooftops… he’s applied to study at AUT ( Auckland University of Technology) towards a Bachelor of Computer and Information Sciences Degree. And as he does not have university entrance, no NCEA Lvl 2 credits, nor is he 20 years old yet it was a bit of a wait and see if they would acknowledge his MIT work and credit him with enough points…
Whew the acceptance letter arrived last weekend and we are all so happy! Naturally I am totally proud of him. It’s amazing what Chris has achieved in the last few years, especially considering his age. So here I am with a big smile on my face, breast swelling with pride, completely enjoying my brag moment! Love you heaps and heaps Chris!

Oh yes it was also time for another Scrap the Teenz inspiration. This one was about teenz and pets. I had the perfect pictures from the end of last year when Tarryn got a puppy for her birthday. Chris is not really a ‘dog person’ but that does not matter to Cosmo. He simply adores Chris and it did not take long for Chris to fall for him either;p
I love these photos, they are so bright and full of fun!

Dont forget to check out the blog, there’s such a neat variety of LO’s to the theme.
TFL and wishing you all a great week ūüôā
xx Ilka



 *waves to everyone* Did ya miss me? ;p
Life got a bit? hectic around here after the holiday, lots of work and other stuff.
Thanks for all your comments and emails! Much appreciated! I sure missed you!

Quick list update:

  • Yeppers I am a non smoker!!! !Most days I dont have any cravings at all! I am so proud ūüôā Rainer’s a non smoker too, so proud of him too!
  • We had a fabulous holiday with Ronja and Andy!!! The weather was sensational and I totally loved our trip to Pahia ūüôā ¬†( photos later)
  • I had the MRI of my right knee, and saw the orthopedic surgeon. I’m on the waiting list ( 6 month supposedly)¬†for a osteotomy ( knee -re-alignment¬†to treat arthritis). Cant wait for things to change¬†, woohoo less pain here I come!
  • Sadly a workmate¬†has some bad back problems:(¬† So I’ve been filling in her shifts at work. Not sure how long my knees can cope with all that. Gosh I’ve been soooo tired. LOL! On the plus I’ve achieved quite a bit! And the chickies at work are such sweeties!!!
  • The house we rent is still on the market, looked like it might¬†sell soon but now not sure again. ¬†Time to re-think what to do or not…
  • I need to go to the dentist and I am sooooooo scared! Seriously dentists make me go all paranoid!
  • Rainer has been to Australia and back twice already since I last wrote. Looks like there are a few more trips upcoming *groans- I just dont like it when he’s gone*
  • ¬†Oh and a very belated thanks to ūüôā Kate¬† ūüôā for this award. How inspiring! And something to live up to¬†again! Just the kick start I need now!!
  • And last but not least here’s my latest entry for the scrap the teenz blog! The theme was fashion, dont forget to check out the other entries here!

    ¬†I’ll have to do a lot of catching up on everyone’s blog and cant wait to see what you ‘ve all¬† been up to! Might take me a few evenings!
    TFL and have a great week!
    xx Ilka

    Day10 -Week2!

    I hope you didn’t think I ‘slipped’ while I was a bit MIA! Of course I did not!¬†Not with all your voices standing beside my own, whispering, You Can DO IT! I’ve just been a bit tired, with working through the weekend. Rainer left Sunday morning 4am! for Perth and will be back on Sat. *deep sigh* Miss him… always do, no matter how often he goes, I still dont like it one bit! The house looks all sad…

    So on Monday I hiked up to the NZScrapbook Shop to pick up my kit and catch up with the gals. This time I met the lovely Paula ( thanks for the super coffee!) and woohoo Ann was in! It was just fantastic to catch up with you Ann! Maybe I bring up some lunch next time and email prior;p
    Back at work, everyone feels a bit flat and tired after all the long hours put in last week and weekend. Roll on next weekend;p
    I know all this rain is good but does it have to be so muggy? *grumps* I dont like humid weather!
    OH but check out these bikes, spotted in Waiuku > Pimp my bike < stuff!

    Loved how proud the teenage boys were of their bikes. No chance for my son, he’s so not into anything like that;p He prefers to exercise his brain only;p¬† so I am glad for all the physical exercise he gets working part time in NewWorld’s store room lugging big boxes about.
    Wooohooo— >not long now and Ronja & Andy will be here!!!! Counting the days!!!
    Will catch up with everyone soon. Still a bit tired and my knee needs some rest up, hey sofa here I  come;p 
    xx Ilka

    Day 6

    We had our first show’ Enflamed’ today and all went pretty smoothly, the guys were totally excited and had a super time! All¬†except for the poor staff who accidentally stabbed herself in the hand in the break between the 2 acts and had to go to A&E…¬† Fortunately it was hardly bleeding, but better be on the safe side. She’s ok.
    Afterwards my friend Verna and I went out for a yummy satay chicken gourmet pizza! РHey we deserved a treat! We had a great time chatting and unwinding together. 
    Rainer did a brilliant job cleaning the house for tomorrows open day! I am so grateful, especially since he still suffers from the cold, I truely appreciate all you did huni!!! It was wonderful to come home to a sparkly house!
    Did I tell you I had the MRI of my right knee last week? Today I got notice that I will be seeing the orthopedic surgical team on March the 13th! It’s all happening! Not long now and I’ll find out if I need a knee re-alignment or a replacement. Exciting stuff! I know you’d think I’d be frightened or something, but really mostly I am just looking forward to being in less pain ( or wow even no pain? cant remember when I was last painfree in my right knee, too many years ago)¬†and the rest is just a way to get there.
    As for smoking… LOl I felt quite smug today when the smokers desperately tried to squeeze in a smoke between act 1 and 2 while I cooly suckled on my waterbottle;p EEps will I become one of those obnoxious reformed non smokers *laughs*
    Thanks again for all your lovely comments and support- it truely helps and motivates me!
    We’ll be doing our last show tomorrow and then I’ll have a couple of days off. Woohoo! Time to scrap!!!¬†
    And here’s a cool link full of the latest stuff from CHA to truely get ya drooling;p
    Hope you are enjoying the weekend!
    TFL xx, Ilka

    Day 5

    When I first saw the cupcake stand I just had to have it! I’m so glad I did, it just makes anything you put on it look great.¬† I bought it at Spotlight a couple of months ago, not sure if it’s still availlable.
    Valentines Update,¬†gosh I was spoiled rotten! Roses…
    and of course chocolates, arent these just almost too pretty to eat, but only they taste divine!
    And woa, Nic’s book, I wanted that for some time! Rainer had a look around the shop and thought the¬†art of personal imagery book would be just what I love. And indeed I do! *gushes* Isn’t he just amazing, he still blows me away with his thoughtfulness and the way he so gets me!!! Makes me fall for him all over again!
    Had to smile about the mini drawer purse, full of glitter and bling and featherboa!¬†My man is not afraid of kitsch;p ¬†It’s just the thing for your study desk sweetie! Pinch me! This man of mine, love love how he still sees the little playful girl in me and spoils her! How absolutely¬†amazing is that! *happy sigh*
    And what did Rainer get from me you ask?
    I decided we needed some more ‘wall art’.¬† My idea is to have a big cluster of various seized photo frames and canvases as a feature wall /area. And I just love the ‘selfportraits’ that we took over the last few months on the beach. Makes me happy each time I look at them.¬† Rainer was thrilled and loved the idea and his goodies.
    Drama rehearsals went well today,I was so ¬†flat out, not much time to even feel cravings. Day 5 I am so proud of myself. I didn’t even use the puffer yet!
    Every day I stick to it, I feel stronger about it! And I love reading your feedback, makes me feel great! Thanks gals!
    My cold is still sticking around – but not too too bad, just uncomfy sniffles and hot hot. Unfortunately it¬†spread to poor Rainer. Bad timing, he came home early today to have a rest up. ¬†He’s flying out to Perth early Sunday morning. Just hope it’s like mine, one really bad bad day and the rest more uncomfy but bearable. I’m glad I’m coping ok as I’ll be working the next two days. The guys are so excited, 2 public performances -IN FLAMES-, Sat and Sunday afternoon at the Light House Opera -Harrington Hall in Pukekohe.
    OOps better dash and get dinner ready.
    TFL, XX Ilka


    Happy Valentines Day!

    Thanks again for all your thoughts *hugs ya all*! Whenever I feel¬†the craving, I can ‘hear’ you all cheering me on to say NO THANKS!
    Proud to report another smokeless day!!!
    My nose is still happily running but my throat has calmed down a little. Gosh I am so hot and bothered, good I could rest up some more today.
    Tomorrow it’s back to work >¬† Full dress rehearsal in the theatre (our clients put on a show this weekend), I hope I dont ‘melt/sweat’ away LOL.
    Today I turned¬†up the Valentines spirit for Rainer – Valentines is a bigger deal in Germany than here- and even did some baking! Gosh was I hot – that’s true love, being hot as and still baking cupcakes for my love! And I love that I feel this way!
    Then I got the table all tarted up… yeppers went all out with pink and red! Not often I get a chance to indulge in girly girly!
    Rainer is man enough to handle it!

    When Rainer came home he added his bits and pieces. Woa it felt like a double birthday party! Bring it on;p
    Just love love love this thoughtful man of mine! Am truely blessed to have found my soulmate!
    Bye for now – until tomorrow night when¬†I’ll show ya the pressies.
    Take good care, XX, Ilka

    Day 2

    Oh gals you are all unbelievably wonderful!!!! *hugs you all*
    ¬†So I todder back from work, glad the day’s over and feeling proud of myself¬† and at the same time feeling that craving, so wanting a sm… with my cuppa. To distract myself I go to the pc and I find all your amazing comments…. a smile creeps over my face, wider and wider and tears set in.. Happy tears! You have no idea how superb that felt, hearing all your voices and support.¬†Just gave me an immediate boost! I felt hey, I am doing this¬†¬†but there are a lot of people out there who have faith in me, who know it’s hard for me and who wish me all the best and believe in my strength to succeed! Wow that made me feel instantly¬†stronger. I know now, in my weak moments I can recall all your comments in front of my mental eye and that will help me a lot to resist temptation. I believe every time I make the choice NOT to smoke it will get that bit easier for the next time when I have to make that choice again, until not to smoke becomes the default choice.
    I am truely blessed to have my very own cheering squad to help me achieve this, to whisper into my ears, you CAN Ilka. Thank you all for caring and believing in me.¬† I know it’s a self inflicted addiction, it’s stupid and dangerous¬†to smoke, but none of you made me feel stupid for having smoked or for not stopping earlier. Instead every single one of you makes me feel supported! What a blessing you are!¬†*sniffles*¬†(( Rainer just popped in to inquire if I was ok,he heard me sniffle, and I smiled at him saying, yep,¬†I am just a bit emotional because¬†of all those wonderful women out there¬†rooting for me.I am soooooooooooooooooooo lucky *hugs ya all again*
    Ok off to bed now, was such a full on day and I am dead tired.
    xx Ilka