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Yep she’s alive

First up thank you for all your wonderful comments ūüôā Made me feel great and I know it did the same to Chris! He’s happy at AUT and loves the cool central city location of his campus!

Cant believe it- almost a month since I last posted. Time just speeds by at the moment. Scary scary how fast… But then maybe that’s good because I am thoroughly sick of winter, rain and rain storms. Bring it on Spring!
Am too busy working, very full on ūüė¶ I am exhausted and soo tired. Maybe I could curl up and have a winter’s sleep like a bear ;p Still doing heaps of extra work – will I ever learn to say NO thanks? The sick coworker, still not back yet…
Another cold and thanks to this yucky non stop rain Chris’s sleep out and our storage area flooded… Wah as if I am not busy enough as it is.
But there were some highlights too.
We had a fantastic trip to see the Maori TV Studios. What a bunch of lovely people, superfriendly! It was amazing to see everything! They are open to visits from the public, check the website for details.

Oh the gorgeous kit from Paperpesto was such a joy to work with! A total highlight for me, loved the stamps, the papers, embellies, the lot! Too bad it’s already sold out.
Check out the PaperPesto blog to see my fellow DT Ann’s cool work!

And here are some sneakies from me.

Oh almost forgot, the last entry to ScrapTheTeenz  Рtheme was Today you РI scrapped about a typical weekend day at work( New Worlds ) for Chris.

I hope to catch up with your blogs over the week. Miss not knowing what’s going on… But our internet is as turbulent as the rain at the moment… And I have to admit I used some rather foul language when the internet disappeared for the 10+ time in a row. That or I give up, for sanity’s sake ;p
Hope this finds you all are well and save! Thanks for listening to my whining ;p and for looking ūüôā
xx Ilka


Some LO’s from last month

Just a few LO’s from last month’s sneakies for Paperpesto.
Au naturel – barefoot at the beach, toes digging in the sand = Summer to me!

To love someone is to see a miracle invisible to others – just loved this quote (red sticker) So true! Journaling talks about what a miracle Rainer and I have and how much I love just watching him. Especially when he’s busy, love the way it makes me feel all warm and fuzzy inside!

Yep I am dreaming of visiting Barcelona, Spain to see all the cool architecture and sculptures by Gaudi! One day!!!
Handcut butterflies from the 7Gypsies paper. I so want a cricuit or at least a cuttlebug ;p

This LO is about the different places I visited.

I used the inner circle that was left over from the Barcelona LO and turned it into a spinner. I cut a rectangular hole to show the writing below and attached a ribbon for ease of moving the spinner and to make the pages a little interactive. See below.

TFL ūüôā xx Ilka


Oops another week just zoomed by! Another cold, what’s up with that? I thought not smoking is supposed to make you healthier…. I never had as many colds as this year.
Still – I am soooo proud of myself
, I survived my first party and drinks as a ‘non smoker’ a couple of weekends ago. Yeah I know…what a lame social life I have. One party in six months;p
And what’s going on with the internet in NZ? Our broadband is as fickle as a candle in the wind. Today I downloaded the same email 9 times!!! before the connections was up long enough to download the rest of emails.¬†I had to write this post offline and then copy/paste it into wordpress. No catching up with blogs or surfing at the moment
Makes me wonder if all those storms damaged something. I know all is supposed to be underground etc but it’s been so bad since the storms…LOL and me & Rainer are too pooped to ring up slingshot and listen to : All our lines are busy at the moment, please hold blabla for an hour or 2 ;p

Whine whine, can you tell I had a stressful day?;p Enough of that and onto the fun things.

I had an absolute blast creating with this month’s PaperPesto Kit called the
“Passages of Time” Collection.¬†¬†This kit will go on sale July the 10th. Love that many of the papers are double-sided, especially good mileage from the gorgeous Theresa Collins Journaling papers. My absolute fav‚Äôs are the cool Heidi Swapp tapes , the date stamp, the wee mini alphas and and;p¬†

Here are some sneakies. You can see the full LO’s over at the PaperPesto blog


 I dig those pearl brads!


 TFL J Hope you all are keeping safe and warm!

Xx Ilka


More PaperPesto sneakies

Oops forgot I have some¬†LO’s and¬† more sneakies¬†from the PaperPesto kit to share. This gorgeous¬†kit goes a long way!
This one is about the best Loo’s in NZ *laughs* It’s¬†true, the Kawakawa restrooms are a work of art designed by artist Hundertwasser. (Hunderwasser-¬† a german name¬†literally translates¬† to hundred- water, that’s why the 100wasser on the LO )

Used my paints from the march kit for this LO and made a tree outline with embroidery.

and the sneakies…

I seem quite obsessed with embroidering on LO’s at the moment;p

and some more cutting out and underlaying dark cardstock..

¬†love this yummy yellow… now that’s a new one, never figured me for a yellow person!

And dont forget to apply for the guest designers positions at PaperPesto! You gotta be in to win! Good luck!
TFL and keep warm ūüôā
xx Ilka

Happy Mothers Day!

Heya there, hope you all enjoyed a great day, especially all the Mum’s out there!
My ‘baby’ is working today but this is what I saw before I left…

aww he’s such a sweet one ( ok sometimes I could also kick his butt;p)
Rainer told me this cute story about the flowers. Apparently Chris did not like the flower bunches at the florist, so he decided to pick his own flowers to make one. He said to Rainer: “‘Oh I did not like any of the flower bunches they had in the shop,… So I picked flowers to make my own bunch.¬†I wanted a nice big bunch, thinking I splash out on some nice cool flowers. Got a big surprise when I paid for it and it turned out cheaper than the premade bunches!
I love love this story!!! Firstly how sweet- he actually designed the flowern bunch himself!  Love all the white and green, just gorgeous, how special!!! And how neat for Chris to be rewarded for putting in special thought and effort! Total win win situation!
He also made me a lovely card, hehe he obviously had been to the LSS Craftee Creations. Yep this dude knows his ways around a scrap shop;p

Aww what he wrote into the card makes me all cryee and laughing at the same time! Very honest and cheeky;p  So Chris!!!
‘Thank you for being there for me and supporting me and trying hard not to get mad at me. Love ya lots and¬†lots’
*chuckles* yep indeed I try my hardest but at times this boy of mine¬†definately makes me loose my cool, but how wonderful to see at least he ‘get’s’ that I try and maybe- even just maybe- he gets why;p
Fab news! Did you know that PaperPesto is looking for 4¬†kiwi guest designers?¬† You can find all the details here. The kits are so gorgeous and the Paperpesto girls are just a joy to deal with! So what are¬†ya waiting for?¬†¬†Also PaperPestos’s latest kit >¬†A walk in the woods <is now shipping!¬†I love this kit, so much fun to play with!

Love that goofball of mine too!
Ok, better go and chase him off the play station;p 
TFL! xx Ilka

They arrived!!!

Thanks for all your comment! Sorry been very busy getting things ready for Ronjas arrival and haven’t blogged or commented much and likely will only do so sporadically over their stay here.

Woohoooooooooooo Ronja and Andy arrived!!!

And just a few hours later… at Kariotahi Beach.

Just letting you know all is going well on the non -smoking front! And¬†it’s just wonderful having Ronja here for the next 3 weeks! Andy is a lovely bloke too and so easy to get along with. Rainer is beaming a lot, so cute to see the proud Dad!¬†
I might not be online much during their visit or comment on your blogs as I usually do.¬† Too busy having fun ;p¬†But as Arny said : I’ll be BAAACK;p

Did you check out the ScrapTheTeenz blog yet? Teenz and their wheels, seems this pushes every Mom’s fear button;p

Oh and did ya see¬†the nifty new PaperPesto logo I added?¬†Speaking of which, have you checked out the sneak peaks of their March kit? No??? Well you better run over to their blog here. It’s guess what’s in the kit competition and the closest guess will win a cool prize pack!¬†And omg this¬†kit is so supercool, it’s got colour, b&W, funk and swirls! Woohooo I am so lucky I’ll be designing with it this month.¬†Good luck to everyone playing!

Gosh I love having a daughter here! Ronja and I will be heading over to the NZScrapbookShop tomorrow eve for a special Product Preview Evening ‚Äď Bisous- funky stuff by the looks of it. Gonna be so much fun- demos, ¬†nibbles, cake &¬†coffee and prizes! Check out the details here.

Time to head off, catch ya laters, have a good week and TFL!

xx Ilka

Teenz are up

Scrap the Teenz blog has their new summer fun theme up and all the entries are so cool and very different, well worth checking them out imho.
Here’s my entry:
There’s something wonderful about a white background and how it sets off colours¬†… will my love of white backgrounds ever stop I wonder?
I rediscovered a stash of lovely ribbons that went perfectly with the photos. Hmm rediscovery… had a bit? of a clean up in my scrap space – wow that’s an understatement – it looked like a few bombs exploded in there. Got to the point I had to scrap on¬†my 12″‘x 12″ stamp pad because no surface was clear anymore… sheesh!¬†All I know is it’s ¬†got to change, I am ready to be less messy, I’m frustrating myself with being so chaotic O.o ¬†Anyone¬† got some good tips of¬†how to keep things clean( er) and organzied? Any sites or books that could help me?
Had to laugh when I looked at the finished LO and realized I had not used one bit of patterned paper, just a few die cut¬†notes , the smiley face packing tape, ribbons, stickers and felt bits.¬†Not like I dont have ample supplies of pp’s ;p And neither does that mean I dont ‘need’ more pp’s – you all know what I mean right?
Which reminds me PaperPesto has a gorgeous kit this month aptly named Be Loved, you can find beautiful inspirational LO’s of it here¬†and also on¬†Ann’s blog.¬†PaperPesto also runs a sketch challenge until Feb 16th.
Edited – just found something to make you smile over here.
Have a great weekend all!
xx Ilka